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In this video, we’re going to go over some NBA player props that you can use to help you hammer tonight in your NBA predictions.

Whether you’re playing for fun or trying to make money, these props will help you out! By using these props, you’ll be able to increase your chances of winning your predictions tonight. So put on your work shoes and get ready to crush the competition!

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Matt has awesome bets for the NBA tonight! He locks in sharp NBA betting picks for the NBA season. Matt’s picks are Positive EV, which means that they have a mathematical “edge” over the sportsbook.

He explains the math and logic behind all of his picks. Matt’s goal is to have as many sharp, profitable NBA bets as possible open for each night of NBA basketball.

As a sports bettor, Matt talks about his sports betting strategy and why line shopping is so important. This is what you need to do as a sports bettor to make money betting on sports. Matt hammers NBA player prop bets in this video, giving out his favorite NBA player props of the night.

Profitable NBA bets can occur on any sportsbook. The OddsJam sports betting software has NBA betting lines and player prop odds from 50+ sportsbooks, including Caesars & DraftKings.

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Now we do in the sports betters Matt Modi here with oddsgm as you guessed it Here to give you some NBA player prop Best Bets for today first day of January Or excuse me uh February January just Ended happy February everybody Wednesday February 1st giving you guys some NBA Player prop Best Bets so to do a recap a From January B from yesterday January Was an incredible month for me Absolutely incredible I was up six grand In uh in January Now 1 000 of that Exactly was from an eagles future of Them going to the Super Bowl so if you Take that future out I was up only five Grand but an incredible incredible January uh the player props went pretty Well for me yesterday as well after a Really rough day on Monday uh Evan Mobley was one that I locked in on the Um on with a video that one hit teller Hero I locked in not on the video and That one lost so got lucky there and Then if we scroll down a little bit more I had Jalen Brunson over 24 and a half Points that one hit uh this LeBron one I Did post on Twitter so make sure to Follow me on my Twitter handle you see On the screen here where I post Place Throughout the course of the day got That one to hit Pooch was locked in on The video that hit DeRozan uh was the One that I locked in on the video that Did not hit and then I locked in

Um And yeah so that so that was everything From yesterday finally had a good day Monday was rough yesterday was good That's the nature of sports betting Um so again going to be using oddsdam to Find these mathematically profitable Plays real quick before I get into that I mentioned following me on Twitter at My handle you see here can also find me On Pickett at oddsgm underscore mat I Did start participating in the ten Dollars to 10K challenge I posted my First one on Pickett and on Twitter Yesterday I did get that one to hit so Day one was like six was a success on The ten the ten dollars to 10K challenge So follow me on the social medias if you Want to follow along with that And let's get into it so The first play of these NBA player props That I'm going to lock in here is Al Parenz sengun under 20 and a half points So this play is at minus 105 odds at bet 365. now this is a bet that I have Locked in as you can see right here Al Parenz sengun under 20 and a half points Play has been locked in I risked to win Roughly 75 that's kind of how I have my Unit sizing set up for player props uh Three quarters of a unit is what I put On player props if it's plus money then I put 75 flat if it's minus money like

This one I try to make the math so it's Risked to win 75 bucks that's kind of How I have my bankroll set up Specifically with player props now You're gonna ask and those of you that Are consistently watching these videos a I appreciate you and B you've heard this A million times but all of the Profitability comes from these no big Odds here now I won't go as long in this One as I do because I've heard some of The feedback but all you need to know About why these bets are profitable is Because if you just look at the Screenshot here so we bet the bet 365 at Minus 105. we see odds all the way up to -136 for this play now that's a pretty Wide gap for the same exact play so 31 Dollar difference if you're trying to Win 100 bucks on the same exact play so All you need to know about sports Betting this is kind of the secret Behind positive expected value betting In general is that some sports books are Better than others at pricing odds there Are sports books that are considered Sharper than others at pricing odds so Oddjam tested uh previous betting Opportunities to determine what sports Books are the sharp ones and then it Removes The Vig using a weighted average Um to average out all of these sharp Sports books and what they price odds at And spits those out into these no big

Odds here so all you really need to know Is that uh the novig odds represent the True line of what the market should be Priced at it's the true market Evaluation for whatever bet we are Placing in this case it's bolded it's Got the Highlight around it alprint Sengun under 20 and a half points is the Positive expected value bet Now if you want a little bit more detail On positive expected value betting I Would just recommend searching it on the IPM YouTube channel because there is a Ton of content about it but play number One alparen sengun under 20 and a half Points minus 105 at BET 365. next up we Are looking at John Collins over seven And a half rebounds this play is at plus 120 odds at points bet So the oddjam perfect line for this one Prices it at about essentially plus 115 If you round up from plus 114.75 now I lock in all of these player Props unfortunately for for me uh points Bet has me heavily limited specifically On player props so like I tried to lock In the John Collins one and they let me Get where is that John Collins they let Me get a whopping 8.33 so I did lock it In you will see it on my public bet Tracker couldn't get a ton of money on It but again IGN perfect line pricing This at plus 115 and then what you want To do and I did this for the L Prince

Nb1 but you want to look at the odds of The bet you're placing and compare that To every other sports book that is Pricing uh it's basically you are trying To determine okay is the bet that I'm Placing an outlier compared to every Other sports book or not all right not Every other sports book the majority of Sports books including the sharp ones if It is Then that's a good bet if it's not then I would recommend avoiding it all of the Player props that I lock in are outliers To the majority of sports books Including the sharp ones so this John Collins one points bet is offering it at Plus 120 odds right it's bolded it's got The Highlight around it it's the sign Saying bet me I'm profitable bet me Um so plus 120 at points bet Looks like there are two books that are Closer FanDuel and bet Rivers at plus 115 and plus 116. the rest of the sports Books pretty much hovering between -104 and looks like up to plus 105. and I mentioned that there are sharp Sports Books that you want to look at uh that Would be Pinnacle generally considered The sharpest Sportsbook in the world They price this at plus 102. that's a Good sign bet online also regarded as a Very very sharp Sportsbook they price This at plus 103 that's also a good sign And then again you just want to compare

The rest of the markets now you can Ignore prize picks because they are a DFS company so they have the same Implied odds for every single play but Majority of sports books have it pretty Much close to around plus 100 even money Which is why the Nova gods are at about Plus 115 because you're removing the Juice so all in all this is a good play The uh John Khan's over seven and a half Rebounds at plus one 20 odds is a good Play so I'm adding it to my list that is My second NBA player prop for today next Up we are looking at Jeremy Grant to go Over four and a half rebounds This play is at plus 124 odds at FanDuel Perfect line prices this at about if we Want to round plus 121 or plus 120 and a Half however you want to look at it and This is another really really good play That I have locked in so if we go to my Bets my active bets Jeremy Grant over Four and a half rebounds has been locked In 75 bucks the standard unit that I try To put on all of these Um so again we want to compare all right We know it's prop positive EV because we Can look at these Nova gods and we can Look at the bet that we're placing and Say okay that's the Gap but again you Want to do the additional research make Sure you're placing the best of the best FanDuel at plus 124 look across the Board so again points bet is closer

Which is kind of funny I vote I've Noticed that points bet FanDuel and bet Rivers generally try are the three that Are most closely aligned I'm not sure Why that I've just noticed that like That was the case for this John Collins One that Rivers is lower on this one but Regardless plus 124 at FanDuel you want To start with Pinnacle plus 100 24 cents Lower that's a good sign then you want To look at bet online plus 106. that's a Good sign then you just want to look at The majority of the other sports books Make sure that the majority of them are More aligned with Pinnacle in this case That is absolutely the case we see plus 100 minus 103 minus 105 plus 100 plus 104 Plus 105. Plus amount of six with the only one Again being close is points bet at plus 120 and even that wouldn't be positive EV like if you didn't have FanDuel this Wouldn't be a uh you they're this play Would not be available to you the next Closest book does not beat the no Vig Odds so it's not pro it's not profitable So play number three Jeremy Grant over Four and a half rebounds play number Four we're looking at Jason Tatum to go Under four and a half assists now again I locked this one in but they let me get A whopping four dollars and 16 cents so Even less than the John Collins one is What they let me get on this one uh no

Big odds price this pretty much at about Plus 117 uh and then again compare the Plus 120 to every Sportsbook once again We see FanDuel and that rivers are the Two that are closest to the points bet Line But we see Pinnacle minus 103. That online Plus 106. we can ignore in This case both Underdog and price picks DFS companies But outside of the two sharp ones the Majority of the sports books are also Closer aligned to them that would be Like plus 105 plus 100 plus 105 minus 109 plus 100 pretty much across the Board showing you that this plus 120 is A really really good bet so that was Player prop number four and my fifth and Final player prop er no I have two more Excuse me I have two more Um Chris Paul is the next one over ten And a half assists I locked in this one As well as you can see right here 75 Bucks uh plus 120 odds at FanDuel no big Odds priced below this it's a little bit Of a lower gap between these two numbers But I still like these um or I should Say these even these lower percents can Still be profitable in this case just Look at the FanDuel line compared to Every other book literally no book is Close to the FanDuel line now the Novae Gods are about just below plus 120 but Just look at every other sports book

Legitimately every single one is between Plus 101 and plus 104 including Pinnacle And bet online so that's why this is a Really really good play this uh Chris Paul over 10 and a half rebounds and Then last up we're looking at precious Ochua to go over 26 and a half points Rebounds assists I locked in this one on Caesars of course my login expired I Locked in this one on Caesar's Um plus 108 odds at Caesars Nova Gods Below this comparing the rest of the Sports book so these last four you can Ignore but plus 100 minus 110 minus 105 Minus 110 clear outlier compared to Every other book Showing you that this plus 108 is a good Line and that's going to be it so six Player props for you guys to lock in Today all mathematically profitable if You're tailing these after a hot day Yesterday hoping to keep it going today Comment and let me know but that's it so Remember to follow me on the social Medias Jedi Modi on Twitter oddsjam Underscore Matt at Pickett uh other than That appreciate it if you could like Subscribe comment all that good stuff And have a good one

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