NFL Championship Weekend Betting Preview | 5 NFL Betting Picks for Eagles/49ers & Chiefs/Bengals sharp, profitable betting tools. Track your profit over a large enough sample size (say 250 wagers) of Positive EV bets and you’ll be up! Try it out today!

Matt takes you through a betting preview for the 2 NFL games for NFL Championship Weekend. Matt discusses how he found value for his NFL playoff early bets using OddsJam. The OddsJam sports betting software has real-time NFL odds from over fifty sportsbooks.

He discusses his NFL sports betting strategy and shares how he finds value on all his picks. Matt explains how to find and place mathematically profitable bets using the OddsJam Positive EV and arbitrage tools.

Matt is excited about his early 2022-2023 NFL week bets. Using OddsJam to compare odds with other sportsbooks ensured Matt placed a profitable bets for the wild card games this weekend.

OddsJam has real-time NFL odds from over forty sportsbooks, including DraftKings and FanDuel. He thinks he currently has the best bets for NFL playoff games this weekend.

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How are we doing sports betters Matt Moda here with oddsjam we have three Games left in the NFL season two of them Are obviously being played this weekend The NFC and the AFC Championship so in This video I'm just gonna give out a Betting preview for both of the games This weekend use oddsjam use the line Shopping tool for completely free in the Odds Jam screen as well as well as the Positive EV page to find bets Best Bets For these games while also just going Over the main lines and stuff as well Now first up we have the Eagles versus 49ers this game is being played at 3 P.M Eastern on Sunday now obviously as you Can tell from my background here that I am an Eagles fan but I'll try to be as Objective as possible When talking about this game just don't Want to hide and pretend that I'm not a Fan what I will say is lines have been Since the books opened up they opened up At about mine equals minus one equals Minus one and a half Eagles minus like 20 money line The money has been coming in and people Have been hammering the Eagles since Then so right now the best odds you can Get on their money line are at minus 140. like when when lines first opened Up last night I locked in the Eagles at Minus 125. now you can't get them you Can the best you can get them is at

Minus 140. so just to show you the type Of line move movement excuse me that is Going on towards the Eagles So in terms of money line Probably been bet up too much not really A good play here on the money line Looking at the spread is where things Are a little more interesting Eagles are Minus two and a half to three point Favorites depending on where you look Um both so when it comes to looking at Um line shopping and stuff there's sharp Sports books you want to look out for to Kind of set the market basically and try To get better odds than the sharp Sports Books The Pinnacle is one bookmaker is Another and then um bet online is the Third so if you can get some sort of Outlier to those three That's a good sign it does look like We're getting some pretty good value Here on the 49ers plus three as you can See I mean it's universally minus two And a half except for Ben MGM which is Giving it to us at plus three now that's That half point is obviously a huge deal When it comes to like how scoring Works In football right if you're backing an Underdog you want to get to that three Or above that three number because if The Eagles win by exactly a field goal Which is a completely common score to Win by You would at least push your plus three

Bet While you would have lost obviously the Plus two and a half so 49ers plus three I do think is a pretty good value Um I'm assuming the reason why the lines Have been hammering towards the Eagles Is because of how shaky Brock Purdy Looked in that game against the Cowboys They really couldn't get much going on Offense he had one interception that Landed right in the arms of Trayvon Diggs that was dropped they also had That ridiculous Bobble catch from George Kittle that if Diggs didn't try to light Him up if he just tried to break it up Probably would have gone incomplete that Led to a scoring drive for the 49ers and They were also aided by two short Fields Thanks to interceptions from Dak Prescott Prescott led the league in Interceptions this year the Eagles don't Turn it over as much so I can understand The logic of why the money has been Flowing in on the Eagles obviously They're at home as well they looked Phenomenal but The 49ers their defense is incredible Their offense outside of Purdy has Enough skill position players that if They can just get the ball to them in Space they can make plays so while I do Still obviously like the eagles to win Straight up I do like catching three Points for the 49ers I think that's

Pretty good value catching the three Points in terms of the over under Nothing really to glean here uh Pinnacle And bookmaker have it at 45 and a half Bet online at 45. No real outlier to either of these two So no real play on the total Just gonna go with the 49ers plus three Um next up we have the Bengals versus The Chiefs game obviously this is going To be played in in Kansas City excuse me Obviously this is also a rematch of the AFC Championship game last year also in Kansas city where the Chiefs took down The bank or the Bengals took down the Chiefs excuse me the Bengals won the Bengals have won three straight at this Point against the Chiefs which is wild Um and then obviously the biggest news About this game is the health of the Homes he sprained his ankle against the Jaguars clearly was hobbled clearly was Banged up props to him for finishing That second half but clearly not the Same guy and Yeah it's obviously a concern because Mahomes legs really shows up in the Playoffs when he's able to evade Pressure and just on cork some magical Throw to probably Travis Kelsey so the Injury to Mahomes is a huge deal now Obviously the uh Chiefs are still Favored here as you can tell the best Odds you can get on them are at -108

Whereas the best odds you can get at bet Rivers are plus 100 but Pinnacle has Them at plus 100 so really no value You're gaining on either the I mean the Bengals money line is definitely not the Chiefs money line which what's more Interesting is the spreads and you can Get a pretty good price on the Bengals Spread on FanDuel at plus one and a half Um every book that's including the sharp Ones Pinnacle bookmaker and bed online Have this at Bengals plus one And they also all favor it At Bengals plus one right the all three Of them have the Bengals side of it as The more expensive outcome right Battleline has the Bengals at -11 Chiefs At minus 109 favoring the Bengals as Those bookmaker at -122 versus plus 101 As does Pinnacle at minus 108 versus -104. they all three favor the Bengals At plus one and we're getting a half Point better at plus 114 so while There's no value really on the Bengals Money line there was value on the Bengals spread at um plus one and a half So I'm actually going to go ahead and Lock this in I guess I need to log back In here back into my FanDuel account but I do like the Bengals to win straight up I if there was a plus EV play on their Money line I would have taken it I do Like the Bengals to win straight up I Just I think they have the chiefs number

And I also have major major concerns About Um my homes not being able to run the Ball you know their defense is what won Them the game against Jacksonville as I Lock this one in for a full unit to win 100 Um The Chiefs defense really won the game Against Jacksonville being able to stop The Jags from having really any Offensive success not exactly sure You're gonna have that same success Against Joe burrow and the Bengals and While people were low on the Bengals Heading into the Bills game because of Their offensive line their offensive Line was dominant against the bills now I don't know if they can keep that up in A non-snow game I don't know if they can Keep that up just for two games in a row In general but they were Bengals Offensive line was absolutely phenomenal Against the Chiefs so I do like the Bengals in this one did get some value On them at plus one and a half In terms of the over under I found some Value here as well So Um Pinnacle and bet online have the Total at 47 bookmaker has it at um 47 And a half but they do favor the under So if you're looking at the total 40s Under the under 47 and a half at FanDuel

Isn't a terrible Price Right bookmaker Favors it every other book has it at -110 but if you actually look at Alternate lines so if you just click View alternate lines in a new tab I was Able to find a positive expected value Play on the total at a little bit of a Different number so not 47 and a half But if you go to an alternate line I got a pretty good play on the total to Go under 48 and a half it was -118 at FanDuel and this column right here is Pinnacle they had it at -130 so you are Getting significantly better juice com From the FanDuel line to the Pinnacle Line than on this alternate line then You are at the um The main line total like Vandal goes From minus 104 to -1 18 to 14 Cent Difference they're only charging 14 Extra juice for the extra point whereas Pinnacle is charging 17 extra cents Going from -113 to -130 so Pinnacle thinks that Gap is more Valuable than FanDuel does which gives Us a profitable betting opportunity on FanDuel so I'm going to go ahead and Lock in the under 48 and a half as well It is an alternate line so it's got to Go to alternate total points under 48 And a half I locked it in for one um or I'm Blocking in to win a unit as well so the Second that that I got here let me just

Add this one to my bet tracker so that's Going to be it in terms of the betting Preview and the bets locked in from the Line shopping tool obviously as I Mentioned 49ers plus three Bengals plus one and a half and then Bengals Chiefs under 48 and a half Now in terms of The positive EV page there were two Positive expected value plays that I Found directly on the positive EV page As well one of them well I already Locked it in but was another alternate Total in the Bengals Chiefs game uh Getting it for plus money at under 46 And a half at plus 114. so I locked in That one as well as you can see I put in Three quarters of a unit on this one so It's a little bit riskier because you're Selling points as opposed to buying Points so I unit sized down a little bit But I still I still deal I still do Excuse me I like this one Um the novig line pricing this at about Plus 112 FanDuel giving it to us at plus 114 so that's kind of the Gap right Oddsdam prices the perfect line of this To be at plus 112. fanduel's giving it To us at plus 114. and then the next one Kind of makes sense with how um the bets That we were placing were going but the Chiefs team total under 23 and a half Plus 110 at DraftKings I locked in this One on DraftKings as you can see from

The check mark here locked this one in I Put a three quarters of a unit on this One as well so 75 bucks option perfect Line pricing at a plus 109 we're getting It at plus 110. there is some value There and like I said I have major Concerns about Mahomes ankle spray Nickel is no joke nothing to play with So I do think that there is good value On this one obviously it's plus EV so That's going to be it for this video so A couple I think five total plays for You guys to lock in if you're tailing These comment let me know other than That would appreciate a like on the Video If You Could subscribe to the Action YouTube channel And have a good one

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