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Looking for NFL predictions for today? Look no further! In this video, we’ll give you our top picks for player props for today’s games. From over/unders to point spreads, we have you covered.

If you’re a fan of sports betting, then you need to check out our NFL picks and predictions. Our team of experts has been giving predictions for the NFL for years, and we’re experts in finding the best NFL betting odds and picks. Whether you’re a casual bettor or a hardcore pro, you’ll want to check out our coverage today!

What's up Sports betters I got a lot of Sharp plays on Underdog fantasy so I'm Going to share them with you and again The way this platform works is any three Picks you select you're gonna see you're Betting one to win six right it doesn't Matter if we change this to say Quan one To win six so this is essentially a Fixed parlay platform Right any three like parlay you're Betting one to win six so we've gone Through the math a ton of times and long Story short on Underdog fantasy in a Three pick entry you're getting the Implied odds the implied price of minus 122. So if this is confusing to you we have a Bunch of other strategy videos Um also You know I'll be giving out some plays On Twitter kind of explaining things on Twitter as well as writing on the Oddsjam blog trying to make it more Clear exactly how you can make money off Underdog fantasy but anyways let's go Ahead and let's get into it so the first Play I have is pretty simple so there I Actually had a few plays for the bills Lions game but now this video is too Late so whatever let's just start with Um Um this play right here so that's Actually not what I wanted because that Includes the last game

Is what I wanted is right here Michael Gallup under three and a half receptions So again you're getting the implied odds Of minus 122 on Underdog so you want to Find Value at minus 122. so the easiest Way to do that is you ruthlessly compare The lines on Underdog to those on the Sports box right and that's exactly what Oddsgm does for you is it takes you know The millions and millions of odds across The sports betting Market on Underdog Fantasy on the sports books and Consolidates them to let you search for Value So here we can see it's a big line Discrepancy right Caesars has this minus 160. FanDuel minus 146 DraftKings minus 165 10 BET minus 165. that online minus 159 Pinnacle the sharpest most efficient Betting Market minus 168. so overall the Market completely agrees that Michael Gallup is under three and a half Reception should be heavily Juiced so This is a play with value and value is All that matters as the sports better You know people don't get that people Always think it's about the sports they Don't really get that the way that Sportsbooks make money is they charge The vid they charge the juice Underdog Fantasy is no different the implied Juice and the three pick entries minus 122 so all you need are three picks that Look great at -122 odds right so Justin

Jefferson under six and a half Receptions looks good you can filter for Whatever books you use you know it's the Same thing in sports betting right here It's like yeah CD lamb under 75 and a Half receiving yards at plus 106 seems Pretty dang good considering no other Sports books giving us better than minus 103 right so In this case you know we have very high Confidence that this play is positive EV You know because all the sports books Are telling us the same thing So even with the vague removed once you Remove the vague from these Sports books We're still getting a ton of value to The fair odds right the odds without The Vig So when you can get plays you know in Your Underdog entry in Pinnacle the Sharpest bookmaker in the world has it Juiced to -168 that is a very clear Indication you're doing the right thing You're finding the right bets so that's The first play I went with and then um I Also like to use this oddsjam screen so Let me just pull it up very briefly and Then I can show you guys kind of what I Ended up doing to Zone in on some more Sharp plays so I went here and then I Went to player receptions because we Were already finding a lot of value in Reception so I figured I'd stay looking There

Um And I ended up finding a couple good big Line discrepancies so typically what I Do is I just scan quickly and look for Where prize picks and Underdog or Underdog in the sports books have Different lines from one another so here For example you can see CD Lam his Receptions yard line is six on Underdog Every Sportsbook and prize picks has it At five and a half so it seems like There would be some value on the under Six right but obviously the jump from Four to four and a half is a lot bigger Than six to six and a half So another play that stood out to me is Right here right so this is for the Night game we have Adam thielen under Four receptions seems pretty dang good On Underdog fantasy You know all the sports books they have The over three and a half slightly Juiced you know if you just look across The market For Adam thielen it's like most buckies Have it Juiced minus 150 you know Whatever and we can get it right here at The under at minus 122. so that seems Pretty good the CD lamp play we we went Through but here's an even better one Right so we already went through the Scallop one but here's an even better One Tony pillard Prize picks how's his line at two and a

Half ten bet Caesars they have his line At two and a half every Sportsbook has His line slightly Juiced towards the Over at two and a half but not every Sports book you can see Pinnacle same Thing as the odds Jam column has his Over under two and a half at minus 115. Right so it seems pretty good same with Noah brown right here are big Discrepancies two and a half the entire Market's at two and a half underdogs at Three so the values on the under Noah Brown the entire Market's still at two And a half Underdogs at two so the values on the Over right Um so And lines aren't really Juiced that's Another thing right like here you can See okay underdogs that too but the Sports books are at two and a half but Like they have the under so heavily Juiced to like minus 200 that getting Over two even though it's half a Reception lower over two doesn't seem as Good whereas here it's like the under Two and a half is barely even Juiced and We can get the over two that seems Pretty great and all these Sports books Are telling us the same thing So what I ended up locking in is let's Go ahead I know I have a lot of plays Open Um so again like the Reynolds all these

Ones were just the EV plays that I Mentioned Um but here we can see brown gallop Under under thielen this was from the EV Page these two we found on the screen And then we can continue to go through And I thought there were some more maybe Not but long story short this is the Play I guess we're gonna go with and I Like it hopefully you guys are able to Tail it and let's make some money

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