NFL Playoff Preview | Playoff Preview with OddsJam

NFL Playoff Preview | Playoff Preview with OddsJam

Sit N Go – A Word About Playing “Ace-Rag”

What is Ace Rag? When do I Play it?

Online Poker Bankroll Management

There are plenty of stories about poker players going broke during their, sometimes very short, poker career. Does this mean that they are all bad players? Certainly not! Most of them just don’t understand the basic rules of proper bankroll management which is key in becoming a successful poker player…

Texas Hold Em Hands That Can Drain Your Stack

There are a lot of Texas hold em hands out there that can quickly drain your stack if you don’t play them correctly. The two most notorious for this would be either Jack blank or Queen blank suited. Let’s say you’re holding something like Jack Eight suited and flop a flush draw. Best case scenario you’ll win the pot with a flush right? If the flop came Ace King of your suit then a blank then yeah, you’re probably in good shape, but what if the flop came three two of your suit and a blank card?

Casino Games – Luck and Skill

When it comes to casino games, for that matter any type of game that is played and requires one’s mind, there is a variety of games that require skill and a variety of games that require luck. While some games are one or the other, there are many casino games that require a small amount of both.

AFL Football – NAB Cup Betting

With the 2010 Australian Football League NAB Cup approaching, it is important to recognize what is at stake. Taking place between February 12 and March 13, this pre-season competition should provide spectators with a sneak peak of what is going to come during the regular season. In addition, the intensity will be even higher for this year’s event, as it will be the final competition held in knockout format since the Gold Coast Football Club will be entering the AFL in 2011.

Know More About Horse Racing Betting Online

There are many websites available online which claim that they have made losing a thing of the past when it comes to horse betting online. It is found that there have been some truly remarkable advances in the field of technology over the years, and the field of horse racing is no exception.

How to Spot a Card Cheat Before They Steal All Your Money!

Are you getting cheated at cards? Learn how to find out BEFORE they take all your money!

Are Football Betting Systems Profitable?

Do you want to make money while watching your game? Have you been on a losing streak when you’ve been placing bets on football? If either of these ring true for you, then you need to keep reading so you can see how football betting systems can help.

An Approach to Getting Started in Poker

If you are interested in learning and playing poker, the best way to do this regardless of the reasons why you want to become a player, is to enter into and experience the game in its many forms. Get a feeling for the type of poker you excel in, the one(s) that reveals your natural talents without too much effort. You will find it easier to improve your play and to reach your potential in both skill and profit.

Learn About Bluffing in Poker

Bluffing is a concept that should be mastered by any poker player if they want to succeed as a professional poker player. Learn a few tips within this article about poker bluffing that will help you be on top of your game and become successful in bluffing.

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