NFL Thanksgiving Betting Preview: Sharp Picks & Predictions

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In this NFL Thanksgiving betting preview, we’re going to give you our sharp picks and predictions for the biggest games of the day. From the NFL championship to the biggest games in the NFL, we’ll have you covered!

If you’re looking for the best NFL bets, then you’ve come to the right place! In this betting preview, we’re going to give you our top picks and predictions for the biggest games of the day. From the NFL championship to the biggest games in the NFL, we’ll have you covered! So make sure to check back later today for all the latest NFL betting information!

What's up Sports betters Happy Thanksgiving what we're going to be Going through very briefly is just Quickly every single game the odds as Well as a sharp bet that we are on okay Lines are on the move lines don't stop Moving just because it's Thanksgiving I Say this all the time but this Market's Dynamic it's open 24 7. lineups are Changing weather is changing around These lines are constantly moving so the Night game is expected to be the closest The most interesting the Vikings are Currently best offered at -140 on BET us And bookmaker two offshore Sports books Patriots best line at plus 127 so we say This all the time But as a sharp better right you always Always need to be getting the best price That's called line shopping right and This is sports betting 101 so we have The Vikings minus two and a half you can See in this NFL parlay so if you have Some of the same Sports books I have You'll notice Caesars they have a 33 NFL Parlay boost for Thanksgiving so you Make a three like NFL parlay the odds Are boosted by 33 percent so I put this Together this was a positive EV play Um and then these two plays as well Then they had a World Cup promo but I'm Trying to see I thought I had another Bet for this game maybe not so on Caesars but anyways that game's expected

To be the most interesting and again Always find Value if you're placing bets At -150 on the Vikings when you can go And get minus 140 on another Sportsbook You're getting ripped off you're never Going to be a great Sports bettor you Know making money sports betting it's All about finding value in the odds it's All about finding value and if you're Placing bets again at -150 when another Book is offering you minus 140 you're Never going to make money sports betting You treat every Sportsbook kind of as an Independent data point of where the line Should be set and you use all this Real-time Market information which Encompasses all information available Right like if the weather changes that Will be encompassed in the odds just Like the stock market right if a CEO Dies that is reflected in the stock Price Let's say Kirk Cousins gets injured That's going to be reflected in the odds Very quickly it's a market it's a Betting Market it reacts to new Information and what's so crazy and so Valuable is all of these Bucky set lines Independently so we can ruthlessly Compare them in Hunt for value and That's how the sharps the pros make Money sports betting so you can see the Total 42 42 half depending on the book And again I say this all the time but

When you're betting on spreads and Totals always pick up these half points In value I mean why would you not want a Caesar's Account I just showed you they have a 33 Profit boost if you just have FanDuel What are you doing you've got to get More Sportsbook accounts I've had over 40 Sportsbook accounts right you need as Many as possible so anyways let's move On to the next game so next we have Um the bills who are unsurprisingly very Big favor it's best offered at minus 400 Same Concepts apply find Value spread Ranges from 9 to 10 9 to 9 and a half Depending on the book I mean if you're Trying to grab some bills action take a Minus nine they win by three field goals You push everyone who bet a minus nine And a half loses and then here you can See the totals pretty high at 54 54 half And we had some bets on win bet so what Do we have on win bet Um this video I made earlier in the week We have the Giants over 16 and a half Team total in a parlay with the Ravens Under 24 half and then we have the Vikings minus two and a half at -110 Then we have the Titans money line the Raiders plus five and over 42 half and 49 are Saints and again I ride with you Guys on all these plays this loss Yesterday was freaking brutal but we had Some epic wins so any plays I give out

Here or um on Twitter you know I ride With you guys and I try to you know be As helpful as possible but any concepts You want you can feel free to reach out To me on Twitter I've been writing more On the oddsjam blog just trying to help Sports Bettors get out valuable sports Betting content in as many ways as Possible Um so in terms of props I have Stevenson Over three and a half receptions I know A lot of people are on that I gave that Out in a variety of plays as well as They have this promo on Dak Prescott It's just one dollar but your payout on Three pick entry gets boosted to 10. so We can keep going through And we can see here the Cowboys are the Biggest favorite of the day best offered At -431 on Pinnacle right so Pinnacle is The sharpest most efficient betting Market they take a very large amount of Bets they're a very sharp offshore Sports buck their claim to fame is Taking sharp action right not limiting Sports betters allowing Arbitrage Betting all that good type of good stuff The spreads at 10. similar to the Bills Game So let's get into my play the play I Ended up finding Um is not this middle although I did end Up looking at this Gabe Davis medal what I ended up going with is right here

Darius Slayton under three and a half Receptions so this is a positive EV bet And again like a lot of people get Tripped up you know when they start Positive EV betting they just get a Little confused why do we like this play On Slayton under three and a half so Essentially all the positive EV tool Does is it kind of like takes these Millions of odds across Sports books Fantasy sites prize picks you know Underdog fantasy and in the same way Browsing odds on oddsjam is free all This EV tool will do is take all this Market information and again every Location has different sports books so All this EV tool does is it takes all This information in the market you know You can see this is just one game One market player receptions it's pretty Insane how much data there is and how Many different you know Sports books you Can bet on so you just want to treat Oddstam like your little Bloomberg Terminal use all this information to Find Value and all this tool shows you Is value it's the BET and bold with a Circle around it so you can see Notre Dame USC over 31 half you're getting Plus 110 on FanDuel no other Bucky's Giving you better than minus 105. You know so this play looks incredible I Actually already bet it I believe so if We go here

What I can do is go to Notre Dame you Can see I already bet this and the point Is you know You don't have to know anything about Sports To see that this is a good bet you use These Sports books against each other The way you're going to make money Sports betting these Sports books invest Hundreds of millions of dollars into Their trading technology they're highly Sophisticated right they have you know They've been doing this for a long time Some books longer than others but Especially the offshore books it's been Like 20 years you're not just going to Beat them by watching sports and having A better sense of Notre Dame USC that Doesn't happen you think the people who Make money in the financial industry are The people who are just like oh today Guys let's buy Facebook no come on it's The hedge funds with all the big data Right all the data access so here it's Like okay we have one two three four Five six seven data points seven other Sports books posting odds all telling me Yo This bet should be like minus 110 or Minus 105 and we're getting plus 110 on FanDuel so clearly FanDuel is a major Pricing discrepancy and all you need to Find are those rare few betting Opportunities I mean you can see above

One percent there's only one two three Four plays out of the millions of odds Across Sports books that actually have a Mathematical Edge At least for the sports books I use Right I'm currently at these five Selected and again every state every Location has different buckies But for the five I'm using you know These are the plays available that look Good so this play looks incredible here It's no different don't trust your gut Trust the math the math works again Right you you see Sportsbook odds Against each other because they all want To set lines independently you Ruthlessly compare them you look for Those few spots where Sports books are Asleep at the wheel and you're getting a Play that beats the vague beats the Juice you know one thing I say a lot And here you can see my play and you may Be like oh why did you bet a hundred Dollars and 80 cents I get that a lot And the answer is yo this is why I don't Bet on Sports full-time and nobody smart Wants to is you don't have unlimited bet Sizes right 150 245 a lot of people are Like you can't make money sports betting Otherwise everyone would be retired and It's just like well no and the reason is You know you can day trade Sports and Make money absolutely But you'll see right here it's like you

Know Even if we go to FanDuel like my settled Wagers you know it's like The amount of money you're getting on Some of these plays is just not that big Right it's not that compelling so I Ended up locking it in adding it to the Sheet where I'm tracking profit and loss Um we're currently up 50K So pretty good run so far on YouTube Since the start of football season again I ride with you guys on all these plays These plays the fantasy plays like I'm Literally just showing you things I bet So if I make money I lose money you're Making money losing money if you're Telling me Um and those are the plays I like and We'll have some more hopefully later Today and enjoy Thanksgiving let's make Some freaking money

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