NFL | Week 9 Spot Bets | Packers Tough Schedule Catches up to Them

NFL | Week 9 Spot Bets | Packers Tough Schedule Catches up to Them

The 5 Best Advanced Hold Em Tips Of All Time

This article will reveal the 5 best advanced Hold Em tips of all time. These are the tips that work time and time again to churn out cash from the poker tables like an ATM.

Texas Holdem – Everything You Wanted To Know About Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is an extremely popular poker game which has attracted an ever-increasing number of players with the advent and growth of online poker games and tournaments. In his song “The Gambler,” Kenny Rogers summarizes the best possible strategies for the complex game of Texas Holdem.

Combating the Ever Growing Amount of Shortstackers

Short stacks always cause an issue for any player in any type of poker game.  Whether it is cash games or tournaments they always take a lot of skill out of the game.

Playing Disciplined Poker

Do what you love and the money will follow. That’s exactly what we, as serious online poker players, have had the privilege of doing. We play for fun while making a substantial profit. Learn how to continue making a profit in this competitive game by exercising discipline in your play.

Pub Quizzes – 5 Ways to Make More Money From Your General Knowledge Quiz Night

Many pub quizzes are not achieving their full potential, especially when it comes to making money. There are many ways a successful night can be judged but as a pub your way is the money that flowed behind the bar. Here are 5 fool proof formats that you can use for pub or any quizzes for that matter.

When Shouldn’t You Be Set Mining In Poker?

Set mining is a popular concept in Texas Hold ‘Em poker, and refers to the process of calling a pre-flop raise with a low pocket pair (usually 55 and below) with the intention of hitting a set. Beginner poker players tend to abuse this concept way too often and use it to justify poor players on their part. Here are a few common scenarios when you shouldn’t be attempting to set mine.

Football Betting Predictions – How To Make Them

Find our how to make football betting predictions. There are many important factors to consider which can make or break you as a punter.

Soccer Betting Tips – Essential Strategies

Soccer betting tips can be found all over the internet and when it comes to big European football matches everyone has an opinion on who’s going to win the game and what the final outcome will be. However coming up with winning soccer betting tips is a lot harder than it might look.

Small Ball Vs Home Run: Contrasting Styles of Poker

There are roughly two poles in the way people approach poker – small ball and home run. The differences between the two are about what you’d think – small ball is looking to build a stack through picking up minor pots, and a lot of them, while home run hitters look to crush the huge pots and let the small ones pass. Below are some more differences to help you understand what approach you might prefer.

The Random Number Generator And Its Various Types

A random number generator (RNG) generates random numbers. The numbers may be useful for games, picking lottery numbers or any other purpose.

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