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There are a number of sports betting props to consider when placing your bets. Parity is the best way to gauge which team will win the game, and the odds are used by bookmakers to encourage people to bet on both sides. Parity also exists in the NFL, where Indianapolis is better than Cincinnati. In order for bookmakers to make money on every game, they have to convince at least half the bettors to back the Bengals.

If you’re unsure of which team will win, try taking a totals pick. Totals picks are a great alternative to taking a side in a football game. Unlike a side bet, a totals bet involves betting on the total score of both teams. The oddsmakers set these totals and you can win if either team scores less than the total. Choosing the right type of bet can help you get more money from your sports betting.

NFL playoffs: The NFL playoffs are a single elimination tournament that determines the league champion. These games feature four division champions (AFC and NFC) and the three best teams in each conference. Like in regular season betting, NFL playoffs betting follows a similar process. You can bet on individual games, spreads, moneylines, totals, and futures. The NFL playoffs also include an extra game week, meaning players try to win more often.

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