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You may want to place a long-term wager on the Super Bowl or a division. Odds compilers evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of teams and assign prices to each. The Kansas City Chiefs are the favorites in the Super Bowl, while the Washington Football Team is the outsider at +1000. The Chiefs have a great chance to go deep in the postseason, while the Bengals may struggle to make a significant impact.

In the NFL, the money line is the easiest way to bet. Essentially, you pick a team based on the money line, and the oddsmakers set the total. While there are no ties, NFL games can have up to three different outcomes. In a 2-way money line, only team X or team Y can win, while a three-way money line is a tie. However, ties are rare.

Many online sportsbooks compete for customers. To win customers, they offer promotions to attract customers. These promotions include ‘Bet & Get,’ wherein the bettor is awarded a certain amount of site credit for making a bet. Other sportsbooks offer an ‘odds boost,’ which boosts the payout potential of a bet from the original odds. In addition, the action network works closely with a variety of sportsbooks to offer new customers the best activation codes.

There are many factors to consider when placing a bet on a football game, but the NFL playoffs are unique. Unlike other North American playoffs, the NFL playoffs are one-game single-elimination games. The better seed typically hosts the lower seed, while the lower seed usually plays in the tougher division. In the NFL playoffs, your goal is not always to bet on the higher seed, but to bet on a hot team or a number that is above the average.

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