Positive EV Betting With Mike | July 13th 2022

While you may be able to find favorable odds for conference and division winners, there are also plenty of other ways to make money betting on sports. Most online sportsbooks have many options when it comes to props. NFL games, for example, have hundreds of betting options, including player props. During the postseason and Super Bowl, props become even more popular. Popular props include over-under bets, touchdown scorer markets, and winning margin.

The moneyline refers to the implied probability that a team will win the game. A favorite team’s moneyline is minus, meaning that the wager exceeds the payout. Alternatively, an underdog team has a plus moneyline. However, in order for a bet to pay off, a team must win the game. Other betting options include the totals of a game, which represents the projected number of points for all teams involved. The totals can be set for a full game, half game, quarters, or the entire game. The bettor can also place bets on one or both sides of a game.

One of the most popular types of sports betting is football, and it is particularly popular in the United States. The NFL spread is a way for sportsbooks to level the playing field. When two teams are noticeably better than one another, a spread is set to account for this. For example, the Patriots are a -7 point favorite over the New England Jets, meaning they must win by 11 points or less to cover the spread.

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