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Alex explains how to use the OddsJam Positive EV Tool. This sports betting tool identifies the sharpest bets on the internet.

Alex explains what Positive EV sports betting is. It’s like flipping a coin weighted in your favor. Not every play will win, but you will win in the long-run due to the law of large numbers.

Alex goes through the importance of having multiple sportsbooks are a Positive EV sports bettor. The OddsJam sports betting software processes odds from over 150 sportsbooks. You never know which sportsbook will “slip up” and offer profitable betting opportunities on a given day, so you want to have as many accounts as possible.

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Yo what's good sports betters in this Video we're going to be talking about How to use the odds Jam positive EV tool Right so positive EV it may be confusing At first what does this word mean but All positive EV means is profitable Right so there are a lot of different Terms for profitable bets Bets with an Edge and all positive EV means is Positive expected value right so your Bet has a mathematical profit margin Over the sports book which we'll talk About here in a bit but I mean kind of The simplest way to think about it is Imagine you had a coin right let's say You have a coin but this coin isn't a Fair coin it's not 50 to land on heads 50 Tails this coin is weighted it's 53 To land on heads 53 heads so 47 Tails Right so let's say you know it's me and You and I say We'll flip this coin for a Hundred dollars if I win I get a hundred Bucks if you and you get a hundred bucks What side do you want you're gonna pick Heads right you're gonna pick heads Because heads is 53 to occur that would Be a positive expected value bet Right and sure the coin is still 47 to Show up on Tails 47 of the time you're Gonna owe me a hundred bucks but I mean If we flip this coin a million times you Know just due to the law of large Numbers due to statistics having a lot Of bets you would make money off me

Right you would make money off me Because this coin is 53 to land on heads And I'm giving you a hundred bucks to Lands on heads and you're only you know You're giving me a hundred bucks if it Lands on Tails so that's basically the Concept the positive EV betting so You're not going to win every single bet You're not going to even win every Single day but over the course of a Month a year you're guaranteed to make Money if you're placing a lot of Wagers Right so volume matters you've got to be Placing a lot of bets if you just hit One positive EV bet and it loses I mean You've proven nothing right it's like Flipping a coin that's 53 to land on Heads and it shows up Tails it's still Weighted in favor of heads and if we Flip that coin a thousand more times you Should be heads as well right so this is Just math so anyways let's switch over To the tool and let's kind of get into How I use the odds Jam positive expected Value tool and as always any questions You have I'll leave my email you know Kind of in the in the description on YouTube and you can always reach out to Me So I know it sounds oddly simple but all The positive EV tool is doing is Scanning the market looking for coins Weighted in your favor right looking for Bets that are weighted in your favor so

We can go ahead and we can get into an Example and you can see in Xavier Texas Tonight we have a play a college Basketball play on Dylan D Sue right Over seven and a half rebounds at plus 134 on FanDuel so why is this play Profitable and the reason is we're Getting such good odds on FanDuel we're Getting enough value to beat the vague Beat the juice and the reason it's so Easy to find Value as a sports bettor is All of these books right they set lines Independently so what you're going to Notice is there are one two three four Five sports books setting lines on Dylan De Sue over seven and a half rebounds so This odds Jam column we actually just Copy the odds from pen medical honestly Not even worth talking about that much We started doing this like a year and a Half ago and it's just kind of stuck but What you're going to notice is FanDuel Is a massive pricing discrepancy right You can see right here most sports books If you look at the other four Sports Books they're around plus 110 right and We're getting plus 134 on FanDuel so We're getting 24 cents of improvement From the average of the four other Sports books that are posting odds on Dylan de Sue over seven and a half Rebounds so we found an edge Right so essentially all oddsjam is Doing is it's taking the emotions out of

Sports betting right it's taking the gut You're betting with your gut it's taking Emotions out of sports betting you know FanDuel for example probably has if you Look through their platform 50 000 maybe Even more odds on their platform at any Given time this is just for Player Points in one NBA game right they have All these player props they have first Quarter fourth quarter all these Different markets you can bet on so odd Jam for literally you know hundreds of Sports books Um almost 200 Sports books is pulling in The odds from all these Sports books and Just pointing out big pricing Discrepancies so here we can see the Value is on FanDuel that's the highest Profit margin play and the profit margin Is right here 5.35 percent So again this is all possible because Books want to be unique right they all Want to be unique so they set lines Independently and as a sharp Sports Better you know I'm not waking up in a Given day and saying oh I want to bet on Dylan de Sue over seven and a half Rebounds that's not how sharp Sports Betters think Right the way a sharp Sports better Thinks is I'm the go I'm going to look At the data in the market and I'm going To look for Value I'm going to look for Plays with an edge and I'm going to

Follow the value sometimes the value may Be in college basketball other times you Can see there are some NBA plays next Then there's some rugby league right Then there's more college basketball Then there's some more college Basketball tonight's main then tennis Then there's you know soccer English Premier League so as a short better You're just following the value right And there's nothing you can argue with Here right it's very simple it's very Clear-cut we have one two three four Sports books posting these odds around Plus 110 we're getting plus 134 on FanDuel that's enough value enough of an Edge to beat the vague beat the juice And have a positive profit margin which Is 5.35 percent So the only settings I have set up Typically is all I do is what we can do Is we can unselect all sports books is Typically I just select the main sports Books I'm using Um So currently you know I'm spending Most of my time in New York I'm using DraftKings FanDuel Caesars prize picks No house advantage Underdog fantasy win Bet and then Bovada so I'll go ahead and I'll just select all these books so That's all I'm doing is I'm selecting The books I use and then almost always I'll set max odds to plus 190 right Sometimes if it's a bit slower of a day

I'll increase this number from plus 190 To maybe plus 250 but long story short These are the only two settings I have On the page and then I just bet the Highest profit margin plays first and Just go down the list right so here we Can see wow Clay Thompson over three and A half made threes we can get plus money Plus 100 on DraftKings that online A very sharp offshore sports book has This at -149 odds Pinnacle one of the Sharpest bookmakers in the world they Have the over favored for clay Points bet has the over favored for clay So we're following all the data and you Can see most sports books you know FanDuel Caesars almost every Sportsbook Has Clays over three and a half made Threes right lines are Juiced towards The over on FanDuel they're giving you Worse odds on the over so the over is More likely to occur according to Fanduel's model right the overus favor The over is the more likely outcome so As a sharp Sports better all I'm doing Is I'm literally just hitting this bet In bold also highlighted in green and Then I'm just kind of going down the List right and again the Market's Dynamic it's always moving you'll notice That as well these great lines they Won't last forever so you got to move Quick you're kind of like a day trader Right so the reason we have other

Filters on oddsjam is mainly just Because people asked for them right some People will be like oh I don't want to Play you know positive EV plays below One percent which is like okay that kind Of makes sense you want a one percent Profit margin on all your plays so you Set that to one percent some people Don't want to bet on you know games too Far away so you can add all sorts of Other filters some people have League Filters or sport filters for me I want All profitable bets if there's a Profitable bet on soccer I'll hit it if There's a profitable bet on tennis I'll Hit it if there's a profitable bet on Hockey I'll hit it right wherever There's value is where I'm going to be Betting So currently now after the Updated settings the most profitable Play is neon over one and a half made Threes on Underdog fantasy at -122 So this brings me to my next point right Like you want more Sports books more Sports books is better I've used over 40 Sports books since I started sports Betting pretty seriously and more Sports Books means more profitable betting Opportunities the top plays on Underdog Then the best next best play is on FanDuel then prize picks so the more Sports books you have the more Profitable betting opportunities will be Available to you but long story short I

Mean that's basically how I use the EV Tool I just select the books I use I set Max odds to plus 190 and then quite Simply you know I'm just hitting the bat In bold that's highlighted you know in Green and I'm finding value in the Market and I'm dealing with variants I Know there's going to be ups and downs But that's how I use the oddsjam Positive EV tool again I'll leave my Email in the description if you have any Questions but I just go down the list Right I start with the highest profit Margin plays I'm typically not ever Sorting by date so you can sort by date By all these different things but Typically I'm just playing the top Profit margin plays and going down the List right going in order So hopefully this video was helpful Um and let's make some money guys

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