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Yo we cashed out like twenty thousand Dollars yesterday I mean it may have Been the best day of my life one five Five pick Flex hit five for five number Two five for five this one oh for five But who cares we lost 150 we just won 2500. here another five for five four Grand hit here we went four for five so Remember that Flex plays if you go four For five you still double your money so Not particularly bad all we needed was Troy Brown to get a steal but he sold us Here we went five for five again I mean Literally in an absolutely insane day I'm still on cloud nine and then here we Went five for six I mean Jared Vanderbilt over seven and a half points Would have been awesome but whatever and Then here we can see on Underdog two we Had a 10K cash we had a 2.1 K cash for Pick insured and then we had a 3K cash So I mean pretty insane day in terms of Making money and we're back at it today Right like when I talk about my betting Strategy on Underdog fantasy all I'm Doing when I wake up and I give out Plays on YouTube or Twitter is I'm using Two tools from oddschamp and I'm hunting For Value right I do not ever follow my Gut 99.9 percent of sports betters Follow their gut that's why they lose Money sports betting right like you Don't want to wake up at a given day and Say I have a feeling about LeBron James

Right you want to wake up and say okay There's millions of odds across Sports Books I'm going to look at tennis lines I'm going to look at NHL and I'm going To find Value so the first tool I use is Right here this is called the odds gym Screen and essentially the way I use it Is I look for big line discrepancies Between prize picks and the sports books Right so you can look at you know tennis Any League you want to you can also look At any Market you want to so it's just Millions of odds updating across the Market in real time and I look for Discrepancies so here as an example you Can see you know medev versus bayena This line is 17 on prize picks all the Sports books have it at 17 half so That's a line discrepancy right maybe That's something we want to look into But you'll also notice the sports books Have the under favorite right so the Fact that the sports books have the Under 17 and a half games Juiced makes Us not like the over 17 as much right so We're looking for big line discrepancies So as an example this play right here Paula bedosa versus Elena rybanka I Don't know anything about these players I'm literally just following the market Day trading sportsbooks hunting for Value here I don't want to make a play On prize picks prize picks has the line At 21 half so does FanDuel Pinnacle bet

MGM DraftKings 10 BET 888 Sport and all These other sports books you have dozens Of books setting the lineup basically The exact same level set exact same odds There's no value in the market so I Don't want to make a play here right so That's why don't have a play on this Tennis match But anyways the first pick I ended up Going with today we'll just head over And this is on a different tool so again I said I used two main tools on oddscam The first is that oddsjam screen and That's for looking for where Sports Books are setting the line at different Levels and then I also use the EV tool Right so what the EV tool does is it Compares odds right so this is the Easiest tool to use in my opinion on odd Sham and I get most of my picks from it Because it's again just super easy to Use it's less flexible than the screen So what's cool about the screen is I'll Go ahead and I'll just open it up again Is what's cool about the screen is like If I go to NBA let's say you know player Assist is I can see the entire market Right so I can see oh here prize picks Has Jimmy Butler's line at five sports Books have that at five and a half but All the sports books have the under five And a half assists for Butler heavily Favored so there's no play to make but Long story short that's the way I'm

Using this screen so typically you know One way if you're playing on Underdog And prize picks is a lot of the time I'm Looking for where do Underdog and prize Picks like where are their discrepancies You know between these two platforms and Where they're setting the line so here's An example you can see CJ McCollum his Line is five and a half on Underdog five On prize picks that's an interesting Line discrepancy maybe there's some Value as a sharp better that's Information we want to know and look at And the screen makes it super easy to Kind of browse odds across the entire Market and try to spot these big line Discrepancies as well as following the Line movements Um now what the EV tool does is it's a Bit more restrictive is essentially it Goes to all the sports books right it Goes to Underdog it goes to prize picks DraftKings Bovada so Bovada actually Just hit this bet as well on um Bain plus seven so you can see this is a Play I just grabbed right here off the EV tool so the EV tool you're literally Just hitting the bet in green and in Bold so being a plus seven plus 100 odds On Bovada that's what I went with Following the data I don't know anything About these players but regardless all Oddsjam is doing this is right it's Reading in all these lines from Bovada

So millions of odds are updating on Oddstam like if you look at one NBA game Right let's just like just look at how Much crap you can bet on I mean Literally there's tens of thousands of Odds on each Sportsbook so odd Jam is Quite simply reading in all that data And trying to point out where Sports Books screw up so you put in prize picks Underdog Bovada Caesar FanDuel whatever Other sports books you use right now I'm In Florida so I just have prize picks Underdog and Bovada selected and then This tool scans the market and then just Tells you the most freaking profitable Place Based on data no BS no gut no Emotions it doesn't work I don't know How people still trust their gut it's Like bro 99 of sports betters do that And they all lose money It's like why are you doing that like Level up think use your brain so what You're going to see here is in the Bucks Nuggets game This line is on prize picks over a nine And a half assists right so we know on Prize picks we want to be playing five And six pick flexes so the reason like a Lot of people would be like oh why do You place five and six pick Flex it's Because I've gone through the math and Broken down I've studied these platforms I know what's optimal when you're Playing on prize picks it is

Mathematically optimal to be playing Five and six pick flexes you're getting Minus 119 odds and a five and a six pick Flex so you ruthlessly compare the lines On prize picks To those on the sports books and you Hunt for spots where books have been Over or and under heavily favored so as An example the top play currently on Prize pick so the top play is actually On Bovada it's an MLB play but the top Play on prize picks that we want to go With is jokic over nine and a half Assists why are we so confident that It's so good look at the sports books Right flip has been added to odd scam by The way all the sports books right they Have the over heavily favored around -145 minus 160 on Bovada minus 154 on FanDuel so because every Sportsbook sets Lines independently you essentially have Dozens of data points telling you yo This is where the line should be set and They're all pricing right the over for Jokic has a heavy favorite right all Sports books have yokich's over heavily Juiced heavily favored so I went with This play you'll get to over nine and a Half assists Patrick Kane over two and a Half shots on gold why did I take the Over all sports books once again have The over heavily favored Pinnacle Sharpest bookmaker in the world has the Over at -154 betting bold in green

Vladimir trisenko under two and a half Shots on goal why the under for him but The over for Patrick Kane here all books Have the under heavily favored heavily Juiced all sports books every Sportsbook One two three right these Sports books Are billion dollar companies they've Invested hundreds of millions of dollars Into their model anything you know any Public information they know before you Know their models are better than yours They've invested hundreds of millions of Dollars they've hired full-time Employees to build their models Into adjust lines due to supply and Demand no offense you're not smarter Than them and your gut is definitely not Smarter than them no offense so here all The Bucks have the under heavily favored Right minus 140-ish we're getting minus 119 on prize picks and a five Flex clear Value Jaden Schwartz under two and a Half all books have the under heavily Favored Tyler here over two and a half Threes all books have the over heavily Favored so what you're going to notice And again I'm just showing you guys all The stuff I put my own you know personal Money on is Jaden Schwartz under two and a half Shots on goal hero over two and a half Shots on goal Kane over two and a half Shots on goal jokic over nine and a half Assists Matteo under 24 total games

Corel under two and a half shots on goal And then I have some different Combinations of these things here and Five flexes as well so one five flex two Five Flex three five flex and then a Six-pack Flex with all these picks just To kind of break it up Um and basically that's what I got for You guys bunch of picks again all I'm Doing is following a mathematical Betting strategy on on prize picks on Underdog and let's make money

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