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Matt takes you through a betting preview for the Super Bowl between the Eagles and the Chiefs. Matt discusses how he found value for his NFL playoff early bets using OddsJam. The OddsJam sports betting software has real-time NFL odds from over fifty sportsbooks.

He discusses his NFL sports betting strategy and shares how he finds value on all his picks. Matt explains how to find and place mathematically profitable bets using the OddsJam Positive EV and arbitrage tools.

Matt is excited about his early 2022-2023 NFL week bets. Using OddsJam to compare odds with other sportsbooks ensured Matt placed a profitable bets for the wild card games this weekend.

OddsJam has real-time NFL odds from over forty sportsbooks, including DraftKings and FanDuel. He thinks he currently has the best bets for NFL playoff games this weekend.

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Hey what's going on Sports betters Matt Here with oddsgym here to give you some Player props to bet for the Super Bowl So I was scanning through the oddsgm Screen which is really cool literally Just pulls up odds from every major Sports book for a given Market just need To click this little drop down here Where you see the arrow type in whatever Market you're looking for rushing Receiving passing Um I was going through all of the Different odds or in lines for the Player props and I found some really Good ones so figured I would um record Myself locking in these bets talking About my strategy of why I think they Are good and we can go from there so the First play that we're gonna go ahead and Lock in here is pulled from the uh Player receiving yards market and the Bet is going to be at points bet Sportsbook so make sure to log into your Pointsbat account and let's get into it So the play is jeric McKinnon over 20 And a half receiving yards So uh points bet prices this at 20 and a Half At minus 120 odds I should say so the Over 20 and a half at minus 120 odds Just look at every other sports book and Where they price it so I'm going to go Ahead and lock this in I would like to Risk to win 75 units points bet normally

Doesn't let me get that much on a player Prop so we will see what they end up Limiting me to or not they I guess for The Super Bowl they will let me get more Which is very nice of them but McKinnon Over 20 and a half receiving yards Really really good play here the reason Why just compare the points bet line to Every other sports book and where they Price it points bet is at 20. Legitimately every other sports book is At 22 with one at 23 and a half that Would be win bet and they actually favor The over so not only is it priced three Yards higher it's also favoring the over Which is just insane And for numbers as low as this like 20 To 23 20 to 22 that's a really big deal With yards as low as 20. like with Travis Kelsey and his um receiving Yardage Being priced at 80 or 77 it's not nearly As big of a deal going from 77 to 80. Excuse me going from 20 to 23 Depending on how you want to assign Probabilities there is like a 10 to 12 Percent chance that he lands at exactly 21 22 or 23 receiving yards which would Obviously hit the over on points bet and Would miss the majority of the other Sports books like if you landed at 22 he Would miss literally every other sports Book and where they price it except for Points bet having it at 20 and a half so

Right off the bat really really good Value on points bet and McKinnon to go Over 20 and a half receiving yards I did Look up McKinnon's stats because I was Curious not that really that matters That much to be honest with you like Sports books take into account the uh The Trends they take into account the Matchups all that stuff when they price Odds but I am just curious just because I'm kind of a nerd about that stuff Number one the Eagles do struggle uh at Guarding receiving running backs I was Looking at dvoa Splits and they're below Average specifically at guarding Receiving running backs And I was also looking so McKinnon has Been kind of slow not kind of he's been Slow in both of the playoff games Um against the Jags I think he went Receptionist reception list and that was The first time since like September or October that he went a single game Without a reception against the Bengals He only had two receptions for not a lot Of yards so Trends are not in our favor But He was a really good receiving back Prior to that I mean he was on fire to End the season he scored in like seven Or eight straight games it just hasn't Worked out his way in the playoffs that Doesn't mean that that is going to Continue and just looking at the value

Here a lot of value on him going over so This is play number one we are looking At McKinnon to go over 20 and a half Receiving yards the next two plays are All with in the rushing prop I didn't Find anything on passing yards but I did Find obviously that one on receiving and I found a couple on rushing The one I found was Isaiah Pacheco to Run for over 50 and a half yards same Exact logic here this is also a good Play on prize picks for those of you That use price picks his he has a good Over as well but points bet same thing Has it at 50 and a half look at every Other sports book and where they price It 52 52 52 52. some one at 51 but again They're favoring the over now again I I Did say it's not as big of a value the Higher the yards get but it's still a Value when you can find a discrepancy as Massive as this across every Sportsbook Like it's legitimately every single one Has it at 51 or 52 and in our other case 20 and 23 this one at 50 is clearly an Outlier so I'm going to go ahead and Lock in this one as well we're looking At Isaiah Pacheco to rush for over 50 And a half yards again I'm gonna risk to Win 75 bucks on this one let's see if They let me get the form out on this so That's in this case they don't they let And just look at this if you want to Laugh for a second I try to wager 86.25

They limited it and said I can only get 86.24 cents which is just hilarious that One cent is the biggest deal obviously All right so I guess I'll put 86 dollars And 24 cents on this one so I could win 74.99 instead of 75. so go ahead and Lock this one in and or we 82 49 so the Odds changed actually changed in my Favor they went from -115 to minus 110 Which is interesting when in our favor 82.49 so now let me lock this one in and We are good to go so that was Interesting despite it being Significantly below every other book the Odds actually changed in my favor from -115 to -110 so as soon as it changes Oddsjam will reflect this as well which I find that very very fascinating so I Did have a play on Jalen hurts to go Over his rushing yardage prop that has Kind of the value on that has diminished It was at 43 and a half now it's at 45 And a half so I unfortunately am not Going to have that one So just two plays for you guys to lock In Isaiah Pacheco over 50 and a half Rushing yards jarek McKinnon over 20 and A half receiving yards both of these Locked in on points bet and that's going To be it so if you guys are tailing These comment and let me know other than That would appreciate if you could like The video subscribe all that good stuff Helps me out a ton tons of Super Bowl

Content for you guys moving forward and That's it so appreciate everybody Watching and have a good one

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