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Alex goes through two player props for today. He has sharp picks from the OddsJam Positive EV sports betting software. He has MLB props, as well as an NBA picks. Alex thinks he has the top prop bets for tonight!

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Alex’s parlay is on ThriveFantasy. This is a DFS site that is a competitor to Underdog Fantasy.

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What's up Sports better so I just added This play three picks 250 to win 1.5 K On Underdog fantasy but now I have a Pick on Thrive fantasy as well So again as a short better you always Want to follow the value so one play I'm Going to be giving you on Thrive fantasy Is James Harden over 20 and a half Points So I'm betting this minus 111 on Thrive Which has a profit margin of 3 percent So you can see right here you know no Other sports book is giving us better Than minus 120 on Harden over 20 half Points in Pinnacle Sportsbook the Sharpest bookmaker in the world they're Pricing this at -152 so they have the Over heavily favored right Sports books Imply win probabilities through their Odds so typically when you can get a Play on Thrive fantasy in a two pick Entry at -1 11 odds in Pinnacle has that Play minus 152 41 cents away that is a Play you want to be all over So again as kind of a recap to Um Thrive fantasy Underdog fantasy these Are technically fantasy sites but what's Fascinating is the way that they work so The way that Underdog fantasy works for Example is any two picks you select you See that you're betting one dollar to Win three doesn't matter if we take Lower over doesn't matter what two picks You select one dollar to win three in a

Two like parlay a two pick entry now on Thrive fantasy which is kind of like the Budget you know it's a little less sexy Compared to Underdog fantasy but it does The same thing any two picks you select You're gonna see one to win 360. so Their payouts are slightly higher so on Underdog fantasy any two-like parlay you Create is one dollar to win three on Thrive it's one dollar to win 360. so The payouts are slightly higher so Because the payouts are higher the juice Is lower so what you're going to notice Is Thrive fantasy in a two pick entry You're getting one dollar to win 360. Right you're betting one dollar to win 360 for any two picks you select one Dollar to win 360. so that's just the Implied juice implied odds of minus 111. Now on Underdog it's minus 137 for a two Pick entry because you're betting one to Win three right so it's roughly minus 137 implied odds one to win three So long story short when you're playing On Thrive fantasy you assume for a two Pick entry you're getting minus 111 Juice so James Harden over 20 and a half Points seems pretty incredible Considering all the bookmakers you can See in the market they all have the over Favor Right so you'll see right here oddsjam You know millions of odds kind of Updating in real time for any sport any

Market you want to look at you want to Look at NBA you want to look at a Specific game get real-time odds from Every major sports book browse them for Free it's 100 free so all this EV page Does is it takes all the data in the Market and shows you those few rare Betting opportunities that are actually Profitable right oddsjam just takes all This data from Underdog fantasy you know Thrive fantasy all their different Betting lines So here we can see NBA for example NHL Oddjam pulls all this data and then just Shows you hey here are the biggest line Discrepancies in spots with value So there's no BS right James Harden over 20 and a half points is clearly a lot of Value DraftKings has this minus 130 Caesar's embed MGM minus 120 minus 125 And then the sharpest bookmaker in the World has this positive EV bet all the Way up at -152. So in the same way a sharp you know or a Savvy investor looks for Value they look For cheap stocks stocks that are Mispriced that you can buy cheap because They should be more expensive it's no Different in sports betting when you're Playing on you know FanDuel underdogs Thrive it doesn't matter right Bogdanovich over three and a half Rebounds is Great Value you know on Underdog fantasy at -122 or on prize

Picks at minus 119 and a five pick Flex Why because all the sharp bookmakers are Pricing it all the efficient betting Markets are pricing at -140 to minus 160. so we have all these data points Fanduel's odds DraftKings odds you know Um Caesar's odds bet online Pinnacle all Telling us hey Here's where the line should be set so All we're doing with this EV betting is We're looking for value So right here we can see Lance mccoolers Under five and a half strikeouts for the World Series Is -11 on Thrive every Sportsbook is Pricing this you know minus 127 to minus 148 so once again we're getting a lot of Value so we have two sharp bets on Thrive the first one's more profitable With a three percent profit margin but The second one 1.49 so you end up Parlaying them together and you'll Notice on DraftKings your parlay is a Thousand to win 3.2 K but because we're Playing this on Thrive and we're getting Such great odds we're betting a thousand To win 3.6 K right one dollar to win 360 A thousand to win 3.6 K on DraftKings This would only be a thousand to win 3.184k So we're getting a ton of value and Again value beating the market beating The closing line you know is all that Matters long term you're looking for

Edges if you're trying to get rich quick Sports betting you're on the wrong Channel this is all about finding edges Extracting them and making money month Over month right growing your bankroll So hopefully this video was helpful Let's make some money

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