Sharp Bets for Tonight | $3,082 Profit | Video #10

Sharp Bets for Tonight | $3,082 Profit | Video #10

Fun Casino Company – Indulge in Wagering Fantasies Without Going Bankrupt!

Both its allure and glamour make the casino a highly desirable party theme. Several weddings, birthdays, corporate functions, student balls and fundraising and charity events use the casino theme to replicate the thrill and excitement of a casino.

Winning at Slot Machines – Slot Machine Cheat Secrets

If you want to learn tips on winning at slot machines, then read this. You will discover slot machine cheat secrets to win more money in the casino.

Online Poker Strategy

Playing online poker is slightly different then playing in a real casino or poker room, as you don’t actually see your opponents. In a live game you’re able to observe your opponents and often it’s possible to pick up on tells from the other players on the table.

Introduction to Evolution of Lotto System

The evolution of lotto system results from the regular changes over time. Scientific understanding of lotto evolution requires both to bring facts and to make a theory that can explain these facts in a coherent manner. In this article I will try to explain an important mechanism of evolution of lotto system.

Fold Equity

Fold Equity means the expected value that you gain from the likelihood of your opponent or opponents folding. It is an important concept in poker that can be simplified into this equation: the likelihood that your opponent folds multiplied by the expected value that comes from the fold. Let’s illustrate FOLD EQUITY in a very broad way and then later, we will break it down even further:

An Introduction to The Independent Chip Model

Independent Chip Model (ICM) is a mathematical poker concept that attempts to put a value on each chip in a tournament. Figuring out the value of each chip can help you calculate your current equity in a tournament prize pool based on the stack sizes of the remaining players and the payout structure. ICM is far from perfect, based on a lot of assumptions, and debated a lot – but since many players use it, especially online, let’s present the basics of it here.

New Online Poker Sites

Every single year there are new poker sites that open up shop to try and gain a foothold in the industry. A lot of the new poker rooms that open up end up closing within a couple years because they can’t garner enough of a market share to make it worth their wild to run the operation.

Beginner Poker Advice and Tips

New poker players start playing the game on a daily basis and many of them don’t even take the time to read over the basics before they begin playing with their own money. There are a few things that every single poker player needs to understand before they start playing with real money and I’m going to share them with you right now.

Sit and Go Jackpots

Generally when you play in a sit and go tournament there will be prizes awarded to the players that finish in the top positions. If you play in a jackpot sit and go tournament then you’ll not only have the chance to win money from the normal prize pool, but you’ll also be able to potentially win a jackpot.

Top Five Poker Tournament Tips

Playing in poker tournaments is entirely different then playing in cash games and you need to use a completely different strategy if you want to be successful. I’ve compiled five tips that I feel are very important for new tournament players to learn before they sit down and actually start playing for real money.

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