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Randall walks you through his NFL week 8 bets that he has found using the tools at OddsJam. Randall found two bets that he really likes for this week. These are his best bets in the NFL this week. These are two very sharp bets.

Randall explains why he likes both of these plays and how they make sense to him and how he handicaps games as well. Both of these bets are mathematically profitable as well.

When looking at the OddsJam positive EV page, you can find a lot of value on a weekly basis. The NFL can be very difficult to beat, but with the tools at OddsJam, it is much easier.

OddsJam offers real-time NFL odds from over fifty sportsbooks.

Hey what's up guys it's Randall from Oddsjam back with you for two Bets week Eight of the NFL going to jump over to The EV page absolutely love these bets Uh two plays that you need to get on if You can uh so we're gonna jump over here To the EV page on oddsjam we're just Going to talk about these plays Um a little bit of why I like them Um and then like I said get them locked In so very first play that we are Looking at here is the Raiders and the Saints over 24 and a half points in the First half Um we're getting plus 115 on FanDuel we Can see that the no big odds are right Around plus 110 plus 109 uh 0.73 there To be exact but we're getting plus 115 And when we look at this the average Odds uh for this particular bet are plus 101 so this is something that I get Asked a lot Um and a lot of calls that I have is you Know how do you determine what to bet And that that's something that I'm Always looking at I'm always looking at The average odds here and so when I look At this play I'm getting over 24 and a Half plus 115 average odds plus 101 I Look at this play you know every book I Mean Pinnacle has it plus 101 but points About DraftKings sitting at minus 105. So I'm locking this in Saints Raiders Over 24 and a half

Um I like this play uh for for Handicapping reasons as well I mean the Raiders obviously do not have The greatest defense but they do have a Pretty solid offense Um Saints should be able to move the Ball pretty well Raiders ought to be Able to move the ball against the Saints Um even though the Saints have I think a Better defense than the Raiders but Nonetheless throw all that out the Window you're getting over 24 and a half At plus money Um when the average odds are plus 101 so You're getting a 14 Cent difference There so great play here over 24 and a Half in the first half of the Saints Raiders game and the second play that I'm looking at this is not as high in Terms of the expected value but it is a Play that I like Washington and Indianapolis over 39 it's on points bet Minus 107. you can see here that the Average odds are minus 116. Pinnacle has It minus 120 DraftKings sitting at minus 121. if we take a look at this play a Little more in depth because this is Something that I like to do as well I like to compare it with other sharp Books like bet online and bookmaker and So I can see here that that online and Bookmaker have this at 39 and a half Minus 110 both ways so it's only a half A point but it tells me that you know

This line should be 39 and a half we're Getting 39 we're able to lay 107 so this Is extremely good value Um on this particular bet so locking That in as well so two bets that I am Going to be taking Um are the Raiders and the Saints over 24 and a half in the first half and the Commanders and the Colts over 39 minus 107 on points bet um I was not paying Attention here but let's take a look Here just while we're here because this Browns looks somewhat enticing plus 158 On FanDuel we can see here bet online And bookmaker giving you plus 150 plus 148 plus 149 on Pinnacle average odds Plus 1 4 seven this is actually a really Good bet as well so I'm going to lock That in also did not see that before Recording but Browns Plus 158 on the Money line This is a Monday night Football game Um but we're gonna lock that in as well So actually we have three Place Browns Plus 158 over 39 in the commanders and Colts game and Saints Raiders over 24 And a half in the first half so Appreciate you guys tuning in hopefully We can make some money this week in week Eight of the NFL and I'm going to have Another video for you for some player Props as well good luck on your bets This week

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