Sharp NFL Super Bowl Parlays | Two Super Bowl Player Prop Parlays to Lock in sharp, profitable betting tools. Track your profit over a large enough sample size (say 250 wagers) of Positive EV bets and you’ll be up! Try it out today!

Matt takes you through a betting preview for the Super Bowl between the Eagles and the Chiefs. Matt discusses how he found value for his NFL playoff early bets using OddsJam. The OddsJam sports betting software has real-time NFL odds from over fifty sportsbooks.

He discusses his NFL sports betting strategy and shares how he finds value on all his picks. Matt explains how to find and place mathematically profitable bets using the OddsJam Positive EV and arbitrage tools.

Matt is excited about his early 2022-2023 NFL week bets. Using OddsJam to compare odds with other sportsbooks ensured Matt placed a profitable bets for the wild card games this weekend.

OddsJam has real-time NFL odds from over forty sportsbooks, including DraftKings and FanDuel. He thinks he currently has the best bets for NFL playoff games this weekend.

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Hey what's going on everybody Matt modak Here with oddsgam in this video I'm Going to use the odds James screen to Lock in some parlays for the Super Bowl Uh right off the bat parlays get a bad Rap when it comes to like the actual Sharp Sports betters meaning that Parlays can be one of the more Square Things that Sports betters do like People that just blindly throw stuff Into a parlay The sports books are begging people to Do that it's actually how the sports Books make the majority of their money Is people placing parlays because it's Hard enough to make money sports betting With just single bets if you don't know What you're doing when you put multiple Bets together it becomes obviously even More difficult so In this video we're actually going to be Locking in some sharp parlays using data Using math to find good plays and as I Mentioned we will be using the odds James screen so the way the Screen Works Is pretty cool you just pick a market Like in this case I'm looking at player Passing yards but if you click this Little drop down here and you just start Typing a bunch of different markets Depending on what you're looking for Will pop up like I'm looking for passing So I'll just type in passing yards and Here it is

If I wanted to look at rushing I'll just Type in rushing yards and that would pop Up so that's how the Screen Works in Terms of using it and then the Application of it what it does is with That market you choose it pulls up where Every major sports book is pricing odds For this market so in this case player Passing yards we can see where every Sportsbook is price pricing excuse me The passing yardage prop for these Quarterbacks now The Mahomes one has been bet up to where It is now where there's really no value On any sports book that's not price Picks it's the same thing for Hertz like Right off the bat price picks is just Stupidly low on both Jalen hurts and Patrick Mahomes in their passing yards Prop so if you wanted to just hop and Hop in and place a little two-legger on Uh Hertz and Mahomes to go over their Passing yard prop I think that would be Good Um obviously you know two legs has the Lowest payoff for Price pick so if you Wanted to add some NBA stuff or NHL or Whatever you could do that but right off The bat price fix is just stupidly low On Um on how they have these quarterbacks Passing yardage profit but I'm actually Going to use FanDuel to place this Parlay so if you want to lock that in on

Prize picks that would be profitable FanDuel still it's not as good as price Picks but FanDuel still has a price on Hertz's passing yardage prop that is Just too low Look at Hertz in um or FanDuel Specifically and compare that to every Sports book right fanduel's at 243 and a Half now for taking out prize picks Because as I mentioned they're just Ridiculous Still every other book has it above this Number 246 and a half with uh pretty Much across the board with win bet at 245 and a half but they're juicing the Over points bet all the way up to 250 And a half and then every other book 245 244 245 you can ignore this 299 that's Obviously an alternate line but Where FanDuel has is priced is too low So leg one of this parlay is just going To be Jalen hurts and his over passing Yardage prop so this is leg one now I Looked at receiving I didn't find Anything that was great specifically on FanDuel so I'm gonna I don't have Anything in the receiving yards Market But I do have two plays in the rushing Yards Market to round out the parlay Number one is Isaiah Pacheco to go over His rushing prop FanDuel has it at 48 And a half No other book has it at 48 and a half Except for Fox bet and foxbat and

FanDuel actually have always have the Same Um lines for a player prop Fox bet just Charges more juice if you look at FanDuel it's at -114 each way Fox bet is At minus 120 each way so FanDuel is Charging less juice And that's consistent if you look at Every single player prop it's that's Consistently the case but Regardless if we're looking at Pacheco We're getting a good price on her on his Rushing yards at over 48 and a half the Reason why look at every other sports Book 49 if you take out Fox bet because They always have the same every other Book 49 and a half 49 and a half and Then 15 and a half 59 49 and a half Again you could ignore this one it's an Alternate line which is just pulling in Lines weird and then 49 and a half Notebook has it below 49 and a half Except for FanDuel so that's a really Good price that's leg number one the Last one and this is by far the best Value that I think I might take Individually is Kenny gainwell over 16 And a half rushing yards FanDuel is Actually two yards lower than the Closest Sportsbook Five yards lower than some other ones Like prize picks has it all the way up At 21 and a half that's insane for yards This low the lower the yardage gets the

More meaningful the gap between them Becomes so 16 to 18 is a huge deal now We uh bet 365 which is this book right Here Um has it as you can see yeah has it at 17 and a half but no book has it below That except for FanDuel at 16 and a half So right off the bat I am locking in This three leg parlay plus 587 odds I'm just going to put a quarter Of a unit on this one with parlays you Want to have your unit sizing below the Normal one so I'm going to go ahead and Lock this one in 25 bucks on this SGP For the Super Bowl and then I am going To take the Kenny gainwell one Individually and put risk to win three Quarters of a unit on it which is my Standard unit for um for a player prop So I'm gonna go ahead and lock that one In as well you can add it to your bet Tracker directly from the ashjam screen Just need to click the play And then it'll pop up and you can add it It also kind of gives you the line Movement if you click apply which is Really interesting so it looks like it Opened up at 20 and a half and then it Kind of been bent down to where it is Now at uh 16 and a half At FanDuel which is a really good price So it's kind of cool Um the stuff you could the the Information you can see from using the

Oxjam screen so that is going to be the First parlay not the only one I'm also Going to find an anytime touchdown score Parlay as well that has some value so Just type in any time uh the market here Anytime touchdown score and then the Same logic here we are looking for Value Specifically on FanDuel compared to the Rest of the sports book so where does FanDuel have an outlier compared to the Rest of the books all right so the uh The the sports book that I found the Parlay for the anytime touchdown score Actually was not FanDuel I could not Find best odds offered on FanDuel Consistently enough I did find one on Caesars so Caesar's is everywhere a Sports betting state is legalized Caesars is active there so you can lock This one in on Caesar so go ahead log Into your account and I have a three leg Anytime touchdown score parlay that I Found using Caesars so the first leg is Jalen hurts to score a touchdown plus 113 odds at Caesars that's a really good Price some like the closest book you Know plus 110 is kind of close but like We see -110 minus 107 minus 110 minus 107. Hertz has scored in both of the Eagles playoff games so far he scored in I think if you take out the week seven Or a week 18 game where they had a very vanilla Game plan

He scored in 9 or 11 of 18 games so far Something like that in games that he's Actually played I forget the exact stat 11 of 16 I think it might be Um he's just been on fire when it comes To scoring because he's a threat to run In the Red Zone he's a like on a Designed run on a scramble or if they Get to the one on a QB sneak so Hertz uh Anytime touchdown score plus one 13 it's Really good value next up the literal Player right below it is jarek McKinnon At plus 185 the consensus line on this One is at like plus 165 plus 160. um if You look I mean the lines have been Swinging but The plus 185 is I mean it's been bent Down so people have been have been Betting on McKinnon as you can tell by By this um by the graph here it's like At one point was up to uh 195 now it's Best offered at 185 so it has been bent Down a little bit but we're still Getting a good value on Caesars it's Been bet down more everywhere else down To plus 140. now McKinnon in the regular Season he had scored in like eight or Nine straight games now he's been a Little bit more quiet in both of the Playoff games I don't necessarily think That's a trend to move forward because Of how important he was in the offense To end the regular season so good value Play on him and then the last one is

Miles Sanders at plus 130 odds he scored Twice against the 49ers in their NFC Championship game a really good price Here on Caesars plus 130 odds the Closest book being at plus 120 and we See all the way down to -115 minus 110 minus 105. and we can get It on Caesars at plus 130. so really Really good price on all three of these So the odds end up being plus 1600 for This three leg anytime touchdown score Parlay offer plus money which is Beautiful so I'm gonna go ahead and lock This one in quarter of a unit on this One as well and that's going to be it so Two parlays for you guys to lock in one On FanDuel one on Caesars one a player Prop uh specific one one and anytime Touchdown score a specific one and That's going to be it so if you're Tailing both of these comment and let me Know but that's all I got so appreciate Everybody watching and have a good one

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