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Almost every sport has its own props, a kind of wager that focuses on a single outcome. For instance, a game between the Cowboys and Patriots could have hundreds of betting options, but NFL games are especially popular thanks to the number of props available. Most popular NFL props include over-under and touchdown-scorer markets. They usually have the highest payouts and longest odds. If you have a keen sense of the winning team, you can make your pick before the game.

Point-spreads are the most popular form of sports gambling, and are based on the fact that teams tend to perform differently. Often, a team will be considered a “dog” with a certain point spread, so you should bet on that team to beat the spread. This strategy is particularly useful when the favorite is favored by more points than the underdog. For example, the Kansas City Chiefs are a (-10) point spread favorite in the Super Bowl, which means that the team will need to win by more than the spread in order to cover the spread.

While legal sports betting is gaining momentum in states across the U.S., there is still a long way to go before it becomes legal in all states. In order to stay informed of progress in your state, check out The Action Network. The organization keeps track of every state’s efforts to legalize sports betting, and provides detailed updates. Be sure to check back frequently for updates. You can also subscribe to VSiN, a news network dedicated to sports betting.

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