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The NFL is known for its great games, and the 2021 schedule is no exception. Kicking off on Thursday Night Football, the 2021 schedule features some great matchups, including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers taking on the Dallas Cowboys. If you’re interested in betting on NFL games, consider these tips to make the most of your sports bets. In addition to comparing the teams, you can research each matchup for strengths and weaknesses.

Purchasing points on a point spread can give you a substantial edge. If the majority of betting action is on one team, you’ll notice a significant shift in the odds. Sharp bettors might have their eye on the opposite team, thereby making it a good time to bet on the underdog. However, teasers usually pay lower payouts than parlays. You should check with your sports book if they allow you to purchase points on spreads.

NFL games are also subject to weather. Despite their favorable practice conditions, cold temperatures can alter the results of games. In addition to the weather, windy conditions disrupt passing games, while wet conditions favor run-heavy teams. Props are particularly popular in NFL games. They can be profitable bets, as betting on the underdog can lead to a lower scoring game and faster game-end times. For instance, a team with a great record during the season may be a great bet for the postseason.

NFL football games have several betting markets, including point spreads, moneyline, totals, futures, and teasers. Each game has an assigned point spread, which shows how much the team is likely to win by. Underdogs can lose by less than the spread to win. If a favorite team is leading, it will slow down the game and try to keep it close, which could mean longer drives for fewer points. That way, the underdog could win and the favorite team loses by more than the spread.

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