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Sports betters I have three player props To turn 500 bucks into 3K 500 bucks into 3K and again I say this all the time but The purpose of the odd sham YouTube is To help you find Value to help you find Plays that make you money over the Course of the long run So if you look at this exact same three Light parlay On DraftKings as an example You would be betting 500 to win 2.3 K 500 to win 2.3 K three pick parlay on Underdog we're getting 500 to win three Thousand dollars So that's a pretty big difference right And this is the importance of Understanding how do prize picks and Underdog fantasy work how do their odds Work how do I find Value Right and we've gone through this before But essentially what you need to do is You need to find Value at -122 odds So on Underdog fantasy for a three pick Or a five pick entry the implied juice Is minus 122. so basically when you're Placing a bet on Underdog fantasy you Should assume you're betting that minus 122 odds so we went through this play Yesterday but here's a great example Tom Brady under one and a half passing TDS We're getting this at -122 on Underdog No other sports books giving us better Than minus 145. so granted there's some Discrepancies in the market minus 145 on

Caesars minus 165 on unibet minus 150 on DraftKings bet online and Pinnacle are Two very sharp offshore Sports books so Kind of looking throughout the entire Market it becomes clear that yeah if we Could place a bet on Tom Brady under one And a half passing TDS at -122 odds that Would be an incredible bet just looking At all the data on the market so this is The first play I went with Second play I went with is right here Let's actually just go here Terry Rozier Over five and a half assists doesn't Matter what sport you're betting on same Concepts apply for this Dawson Knox play For this NBA play here you're gonna Notice no other sports book offering Better than -133 you know bet online in Pinnacle two Of the sharpest Sports books out there They're pricing this at -152 and -158 so I mean pretty simple you just want to Find three plays on Underdog right where You're getting value at -122 just the Bet in bold with a circle around it Tom Brady under one and a half passing TDS Dawson knocks over two and a half Receptions Tara rosira over five and a Half assists and I mean it literally is That simple right so I ended up locking It in 500 bucks to win 3 000 and if These implied odds are confusing to you You know just kind of as a recap the way That Underdog fantasy works is any three

Picks you select you're gonna be betting One to win six right it doesn't matter If we if you take you know overs unders Right any three pick entry if we switch Out picks we're gonna be betting one to Win six so that's basically just like Having a three like parlay where every Leg is minus 122 odds Right so this is how Underdog fantasy This is how they make money off you and You need to understand this before You're betting on the platform Is sure they don't have odds on their Site there's no odds on this platform But essentially what oddsgm does is it Scans all the data all the lines right There's tens of thousands of lines on Underdog fantasy and oddjam makes that Data actionable right it shows you where You're getting value at -122 because Again that's the implied juice that Underdog's charging you know and being Able to get Tom Brady under one and a Half passing TDS at -122 clearly seems Pretty good when no other Bucky's Offering better than -145 you know you Have one two three four five six Dodge Jam column is just the same as Pinnacle odds so you have six different Sports books all telling you the exact Same thing this unders a hammer so you Got to be on it So anyways three plays I typically just Take the top profit margin plays for

Mods Jam put them together for the you Know for Underdog fantasy that's what I Got and let's make some money

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