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Many sports wagers can be placed on the result of a game, the outcome of a single player, or a series of events. NFL games, for example, offer a variety of different props. For example, one could bet on the Ravens to beat Chelsea or on Carson Wentz to pass for over 230.5 yards. In addition, there are futures, which relate to a team’s season results and totals. For example, a team might be favored to win its division, or Patrick Mahomes will finish as the league MVP.

Legalized sports betting is currently gaining momentum in the United States, though there is still a long way to go before all 50 states allow sports betting. If you’re interested in following the latest developments, consider joining The Action Network, which tracks all efforts to legalize sports betting in each state and provides detailed updates. If you’re in an unregulated state, check back frequently to stay abreast of developments. Until then, be patient and enjoy betting on your favorite sports!

When betting on football games, you’ll want to look for the point spread or “vig” (vigorish) in the spread. While the former refers to the implied probability that a team will win, the latter means that the bettors must expect the underdog team to win. Depending on the game’s odds, you can bet on one or both teams or on a total. To do this, check the odds for each team.

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