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So when do you take an under in a sport When is a good situation to take it well We found one for you tonight hi this is The sports betting whale Let's get right to it we like the under Tonight on Oklahoma City and the LA Clippers why the Clippers are starting To focus on the defense a lot and you Got Paul George that's got a knee injury Whether he's going to play or not as Questionable but even if he does that You know not good playing with the knee Injury in basketball I'm going to give You the most recent scores with the Clippers Clippers just played Oklahoma City and The score was 101 to 100. before that 117 to 102 113 to 108 they did have it Over with the Warriors then they were 195 and 109 to 100. they're allowing 107.4 the last five if you take out the Warriors game they're averaging giving Up around 100 which is what they did A couple days ago when they played Oklahoma City with all of the factors Going in the Clippers being such an Under team at home 232 233 just seems way too high for this This situation is where you want to take It under and I think it's going to come In clean we just have to watch for make Sure we don't get an overtime situation Okay so thanks for joining us please

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