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Matt takes you through a betting preview for the Super Bowl between the Eagles and the Chiefs. Matt discusses how he found value for his NFL playoff early bets using OddsJam. The OddsJam sports betting software has real-time NFL odds from over fifty sportsbooks.

He discusses his NFL sports betting strategy and shares how he finds value on all his picks. Matt explains how to find and place mathematically profitable bets using the OddsJam Positive EV and arbitrage tools.

Matt is excited about his early 2022-2023 NFL week bets. Using OddsJam to compare odds with other sportsbooks ensured Matt placed a profitable bets for the wild card games this weekend.

OddsJam has real-time NFL odds from over forty sportsbooks, including DraftKings and FanDuel. He thinks he currently has the best bets for NFL playoff games this weekend.

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Hey what's up guys Matt here with Oddsjam Probably not surprised by this but I am Here to talk to you about the Super Bowl So obviously we have Chiefs Eagles Technically the Eagles are the home team Here but obviously we all know this is Played in Arizona Um money has been just flowing all over The place for the Super Bowl it's Actually been really really interesting To track the money for the Super Bowl And I do have a bet for this play or for This video but I'm just kind of talking To you about how I found the BET and why The bet is valuable before I get into it Itself But so the spread or the lines opened up And the Eagles were like one point Favorites basically like the best money Line Odds you can get on them were like Minus 112 or so that quickly shot up to The best money Line Odds being minus 120. I think it got all the way up to -135 and then what was what I find Interesting the opposite started Happening and then money started coming In on the Chiefs so at one point the Chiefs were at like plus 112 plus 115 Now the best odds you can get on them Are down the plus 110 with the best odds On the Eagles down to minus 117. but With that said it's not even a good Value at -117 because it's the sharp

Sports books Pinnacle minus 117 bet Online minus 117 if in a bookmaker is Another sharp Sportsbook that has it up At -125 but The sharp sportsbooks are kind of Updating their lines to not favor the Eagles as highly as you can see no other Onshore regulated Sportsbook has updated Their lines yet they're all still in the -120s and minus 130. which is pretty Interesting just in terms of like the Money and where it's coming and going You want to follow the sharp action and You want to fade the Basically the square action in this case Sharp action is coming in on the Chiefs So plus 110 is is pretty good right now On the cheats because maybe it's going To end a little bit closer Um to like even money something like That but another thing that's Interesting is the money flowing in on The total and towards the over So when I was first recording this so This the total was around 49 and 50 when I first opened it but money is starting To come in on the uh on the over look at The majority of the sharp sportsbooks Bookmaker updated their lines 250 they Were at 49 and a half and they favor it Going over they have the over at -11 the Under at minus 109. pretty interesting Pinnacle Sportsbook another sharp one They still have their total at 49 and a

Half but they favor it going over as Well they have the over at minus 107 the Under at minus 105. now both of these Books are slightly favoring the override They're not hammering it they're not Saying um they're not heavily favoring The over as as I should say but Um the money is coming in on the over so Despite the fact that the Chiefs uh Money is coming in on them being less Underdogs money is also coming in on the Total which I found a really really Valuable bet and this video is about why I am Um why I am backing the opposite of Fading the Eagles offense so you can get Their team total at 24 and a half at -112 odds at bet Rivers this is a really Really good price If you just look at where the rest of The sports books price it number one Compare the -112 to every other book Sharp books especially Pinnacle in bed Online are really hammering their lines Towards the Eagles over bet online being Minus 130 Pinnacle being minus 126 only Charging 18 cents of juice so it's a Pretty tight line that is heavily Heavily favoring the Eagles going over 24 and a half points which we can get it At -112 at bet rivers and if you have X Bet you can also get it at -110 I locked This in earlier in the week I got it at -110 as you can see here but it's still

A valuable play at -112 so I definitely Recommend hitting it If you go if you view the event page in In a new tab it pulls up where uh Sportsbooks price this total in general And as we can see that MGM actually Prices this and I mean I'm not saying They're a sharp swarth book but Regardless that MGM prices this one Point higher and they actually still Favor it going over so bed MGM is Getting a ton of money in on the Eagles Over as our bet online and Pinnacle it's Probably only a matter of time before They increase their uh their total for This to 25 and a half and we can get a Really really good price at 24 and a Half now in terms of the game itself and Why I am backing the Eagles offense the Chiefs might score 30 points this is not Me telling you I think the Eagles are Going to win I do think that they're going to score a Lot of points they just put up 31 points Against the best defense in the entire NFL in the San Francisco 49ers now Obviously there were a ton of Extenuating circumstances that went in To that then scoring 31 points the 49ers Couldn't really do much on offense Giving the Eagles a ton of opportunity But when the game was still close Windows 7-7 in the second quarter the 49ers had just scored a touchdown to tie

It this was before Josh Johnson got hurt Everybody in Philadelphia including Myself was starting to get a little Nervous the Eagles went on a long like 14 play six minute drive where they Really really leaned on their run game Hertz was not great as a past as a Passer in this game but he did a really Really good job as a runner and Specifically kind of as the game went Along the Eagles started to make some Adjustments to what the 49ers were doing Had a lot of success on the ground as The game went on the week prior against The Giants they put up 38 points now the Chiefs defense always seems to get Better as the season goes along they Gave up 20 points to the Bengals they Gave up Um I forget the exact score but they Didn't give up a ton of points to the Jaguars so I kind of understand why the Total is at 24 and a half but the Eagles Have the advantage especially in the Running game and the Bengals as good as They looked the week prior against the Bills they had a banged up offensive Line they're missing three of their five Starters on the offensive line the Eagles are completely healthy Lane Johnson playing through a torn groin Hasn't given up a single Sack or Quarterback hit in his two games in the Playoffs he went up against Joey Bosa

Kayvon Thibodeaux some really really Good pass rushers especially Bosa Um and then the Eagles right or left Guard got hurt in the last game against The 49ers it's uh reports have come out That he is coming back and he will be Fine and that is Landon Dickerson so the Chiefs going from the Bengals offensive Line banged up to the Eagles offensive Line which is the number one run Blocking unit in the entire NFL I think It's going obviously gonna favor the Eagles a lot and their offensive Coaching staff has done a really really Good job making adjustments as the Season goes along they're really good on The opening drive and they're really Good in the second quarter they have the Best second quarter offense I think in NFL history last time I checked So all in all the Eagles are primed to Put up a ton of points in this game I Think that well it's easy to look at Jalen hurts stats in both the Giants and 49ers game and think that he's um and Think that the Eagles passing offense Hasn't been good or that they can be Stopped and Earth has missed some throws Like AJ Brown he missed him deep in both The Giants and 49ers game which probably Would have resulted in a touchdown I Think that he will be really good in the Super Bowl I trust Jalen hurts and They're just gonna need to do more on

Offense than they've done the past two Games I can assure you they are not Going to give up seven points against The Chiefs which is what they did in the Previous two games so all in all a lot Of factors favor the Eagles offense Specifically in this game now the Chiefs Offense Um we can get some value on them as well I'll talk about that in a previous video Over 23 and a half team total at -120 is Really good so we'll talk about that in A previous one and this one specifically I'm talking about why I am backing the Eagles offense and why I am following Line movement to do that so hammer Eagles team total over 24 and a half Minus 112 odds at bet rivers and if You're tailing comment and let me know Other than that if you want to find me You can on social media at Jedi Modi and That's it so appreciate everybody Watching And have a good one

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