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What's up Sports betters I've already Given out these three player props to Turn 250 into 1.5 k But I have another entry on Underdog Fantasy to turn 250 Into 5K 250 5 player Props need to win to win 5K there's no Reason we can't win them all and we're Going to win them all so let's go ahead And let's get into it and what's crazy About this is on DraftKings this same Five leg parlay five picks 250 dollar Stake would only net you 3.2 k So we're getting a ton of value on all Of these player props on Underdog Fantasy which I'm going to show you here In a second so all of my plays are going To be positive EV and the first one We're going to go with once again Because it was so incredible is Dylan Cousins under two and a half shots on Goal So we've said this before but based on The way that Underdog fantasy Works any Five pick entry you're getting the Implied odds implied price of minus 122. Five picks you're getting implied odds Of minus 122 in a five pick entry and The reason that's the case Is if we go ahead and we head over to a Parlay calculator on Underdog fantasy if You can imagine you had a five leg Parlay where every leg was minus 122 You'd be betting one dollar To win 19.95. one dollar to win roughly

20. Five picks all at minus 122 odds if you Had a five leg parlay on any sports book Or every bet were -122 your parlay would Come out one to win 20. Five picks to win 20 bucks now on Underdog fantasy what you're going to Notice is any five like parlay you Create so if we just very quickly select Five picks doesn't matter if you take Overs or unders you're gonna see one to Win 20. doesn't matter if you take overs Or unders so essentially the way this Platform works is they just give you Minus 122 imply to odds on any five like Parlay any five like parlay you create You're betting one to win 20 10 you know To win 200 whatever you're 20xing your Money so you're getting minus 122 juice So what I try to do and what I recommend You do is you use data you know you can Browse odds for free on oddsjam is you Hunt for value at minus 122. Right so for example Alex touch right You don't want to take his over two and A half shots on goal at minus 122 on Underdog why would you want to do that Considering you can get plus 102 on FanDuel You know same thing here right cage Thompson you can see long story short as A sharp better you want to use all this Data and hunt for value Right you want to use all this Market

Information treat oddsjam as your Bloomberg terminal and look for those Soft spots on sportsbooks where's Underdog fantasy screwing up where are They slipping up where can I find Value Right here's an example of one That you can see kind of available is Andre you know saveshnikov I guess That's his name like the over two and a Half is juice some sports books have his Line at three and a half shots on goal On Underdog you can get over three maybe A tiny tiny bit of value considering Prize picks has a line at three and a Half you know long story short you're Scanning all this data you're looking For Value right And you can browse data in a bunch of Different ways kind of on oddsjam we Have this like classical what I call Screen view just kind of lets you see Every game for a specific Market side by Side or you can dig specifically into One game one market kind of like this And see every player for that specific Game So the EV tool identified this bet as The most profitable one so we need five Positive EV bets we need five bets with An edge on Underdog for a five pick Entry but of course you can also just Play a three pick entry three pick and Five pick entries both are at -122 Implied odds which is much more

Advantageous than a two pick entry where You're betting at -137 like this play Being able to get Dylan cousins under Two and a half shots on goal at -122 is Absolutely insane every sports book has This minus 165 to -174 the profit margin Of this place 7.3 percent I mean you're Just getting so much improvement from The market you have all these data Points all these Sports books are data Points telling you hey based on our Models based on all the action we're Seeing in the market the millions of Dollars bet on the NHL tonight here's What we believe this line should be set At and all these Sports books are doing That independently So it's very clear we have super high Confidence when all the sports bucks are Pricing a bet at -170-ish That minus 122 is ridiculous value Next play I already went through this so I don't want to dwell on it but it's Going to be Halle Burton under two and a Half shots threes I apologize once again All the sportsbooks have the under Juiced the under is very favored this BET's less profitable you know lower Profit margin but I mean hey you can't Expect 7.3 percent profit margin bets All the time on Underdog right so you Can sort by percentage which I typically Do and here you can see I'm just Filtering to see Underdog fantasy and

Then of course you want to take the Highest profit margin bets first Like there is no reason you should not Be all over this play on Underdog it's Just math right follow math follow Numbers you'll make more money sports Betting stop trusting your gut that's BS Right so next we have an NFL play Boom Right so if you had that 365 you could Play it on bet 365 that minus 110. that Would be an incredible bet unfortunately I don't have that Sports Book in my Location But I still want to look at the odds From bet 365 because more data means More information means more power more Better betting decisions as a sports Better So I still bet this at -122 a little Naughty just because there is a sports Book offering minus 110 but hey still Pretty good confidence that this play is Really profitable and you need five Picks for a five pick entry and this Plays an absolute banger So good positive EV bet here then here We have Desmond Bain over so we finally Have an over over three and a half shots On goal following the numbers following The math it's the easiest way to make Money sports betting scanning the market For Value inefficiencies that's what you Should be doing historical data is

Irrelevant Kelton Johnson under three And a half assists boom thigh picks you Can see on DraftKings all five of these Picks it's a five pick parlay so it Looks like it closed but it was to win 3K or whatever it is and you can see on Underdog boom three picks five picks I Apologize to win 5K under under higher Under under the exact picks literally Just picking off going straight down the EV page So hopefully you found this video Helpful let's make some money

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