Two Profitable NFL Bets to Lock in

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In this video, we’re giving you NFL bets for FREE! This means that you can make sure you’re ahead of the competition by betting on the right props!

Whether you’re a sports fan or just looking to make some extra cash, this is the video for you. In this video, we’re sharing with you some of the best player prop bets available online, so you can make sure you’re always on the correct side of the bet!

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How about locking in some more bets for The NFL Week 12. there's two plays and They're both on points bet the first one And we I mentioned that we would come Back to it the Eagles minus six and a Half against the Packers so the Eagles For two weeks now have looked beatable Obviously two weeks ago they did lose to The commanders on Monday Night Football Last week they had a really really rough Offensive game against the Colts uh Needed to come back from down 10 points In the fourth quarter to score they Didn't even score a touchdown until that Fourth quarter just a really gross game There is a mathematically profitable Play on the Eagles minus six and a half On points bet at minus 107. the next one Another play on points bet that play That we are getting a really good price Because of the juice that points bet Prices only 14 cents Dolphins minus 12 At minus 107 odds

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