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In this video, I’m making two sharp college basketball bets – one on the NCAAB and one on the NBA. I’m giving you my predictions and picks for the games on 11/23/22, so make sure to check them out and make some money!

As a sports bettor, you know that it’s important to have access to accurate ncaab odds and ncaab picks. That’s why I’ve put together this video, containing the latest ncaab betting information and predictions. With my help, you’ll be able to make some big profits on your basketball bets this season!

Day before Thanksgiving hopefully you're Off work and able to gamble all day long There's tons of college basketball you Can see lines are on the Move line Movements are highlighted in green and Red on this odds Jam screen which has All the markets player props really Everything for any sport you want to Look at and again I also say this all The time but you never know when the Best bets are going to occur you know we Are a day trader as a short better You're a day trader or you're an Investor right you're constantly hunting Through the market following the line Movements you know there's millions of Odds updating in real time on odd Jam Every second and what you're doing Is you're trying to find an edge the Sportsbook's leg up on you is very Simple it's the vague a four to five Percent spread that they charge so let's Just dive into my first play which I Think is incredible which is Morgan State Loyola Marymount at -110 odds on Win bet I hit the over 147. this game's at 3 pm Eastern And again I say this all the time too But like wins losses I ride with you Guys on all these plays You know I'm obviously very into sports Betting and the wins the losses the Winning streaks like full believer Um in getting through them dealing with

Variants and just seeing the profits Stack up over time so this play was just From the EV tool and I ended up opening You know I typically like to click into The bet so I can do a little research Before I place them and what I'm you Know considering betting is the over 147 On win bet at -110 Pinnacle sharpest Sportsbook in the world most efficient Betting Market they're pricing this at -138 so okay you know Pinnacle and win Bet are super different we're getting 28 Cents of improvement from the sharpest Sports book we're thinking like a day Trader we're hunting for Value do I care About these two schools Loyola Marymountain Morgan State no I've never Heard of these two schools what you'll Notice is you know Caesars has the line Of full point higher they have the OU at 148. Sports Illustrated has the OU at 148 juice towards the over Then at 148 half you have DraftKings One and a half points higher than one Bed on 10 bet you have them setting the Line at 148 half right so we use all This data in the market then you have Bet online another very sharp offshore Sports book two full points higher right They're at over 149 Juiced towards the Over You know and then finally a FanDuel who Has a line at 149 half slightly Juiced Towards the under and hard rock

So this is why sports betting is so Fascinating right the market is Fragmented all these Sports books set Set lines independently so we can Ruthlessly compare you know lines Between sports books and find these big Discrepancies where it's clear when bet Is asleep at the wheel and their line is Far too low Right so this play was identified on the EV tool so the purpose of the EV tool is To take these millions of odds you know Kind of updating in real time on odd Sham sports betting markets Dynamic I Say this all the time college football Weather forecast change lines move sharp Action comes in lines move lineups Change lines move you know you can Imagine Game gets a lot more windy okay you know The team probably with the better Rushing offense has a better chance to Win the game because there will be less Passing also player props have to change Like everything in the game is Correlated so this Market's Dynamic it's Just like the stock market So here the opportunities on the over 147 we have one Sportsbook asleep at the Wheel this is only possible because all These bookies have different odds and I Took advantage of it and our profit Margin is 2.84 percent we have tons of Other videos you know kind of breaking

Down the math Um behind sports betting but it's really About thinking about sports betting like A day trader you know and I I'll be Writing more On the odds Jam blog you know tons of Articles kind of about sports betting Strategy how to make money sports Betting stuff like that so feel free to Read over those Right another thing I always say is Sports betting is a volume game so the Next play I went with is right here Detroit Mercy plus three we double click Into the odds whoa most sports books Have either the plus two and a half Lines Juiced towards Detroit Mercy or They have the spread at two so we're Getting a full point of improvement and You may be like who cares Right you're either taking Detroit Mercy Or you're taking Charlotte and that's Absolutely false if Charlotte wins the Game by two points I'm gonna win my bet People who bet Detroit Mercy plus two Push and these points make all the Difference when you're betting at -110 Juice that's the sportsbook's advantage On you that is the sportsbook's business Model saying hey you have to bet eleven Dollars to win back 10 on either the Over or the under the game always goes Over or under so literally a monkey Could go over under over under the game

Always goes over under you're always Going to be 50 percent To win at -110 juice though you have to Win 52.38 percent of your spread total Wagers at minus 110 juice Right So these full points in value that's What makes all the difference in turning Your play From being Square in a recreational Better where you're only wanting 50 Percent of the time to winning 55 Percent of the time like a sharp like a Pro better Right who makes money and again This isn't a lock you know I don't say That word you can see brutal losing Streaks we'll go through we actually Lost a lot yesterday I've been tracking My profit and loss since the start of Football season in the sheet yesterday We got hammered we got killed SMU lost Or parlay lost our next parlay lost We lost Um two huge bets and that's minus eight And a half and then the Lakers total Wears that over 228f you know in the Lakers game uh this should be minus two Thousand there we go so let's make sure These numbers line up yep they do Um And then this has to be this okay Anyways so there we go it should be Graded properly now

But long story short it's just like you Know Like you're gonna go on Brutal losing Streaks but when you have an edge you Win in the long run right so it's all About finding these plays what the Positive expected return So you can see here here are my two Plays Detroit Mercy plus three over 147 Morgan State Loyola here are my stakes And here's the profit margin in dollars When I started out sports betting I was Betting five ten bucks You know Um but when you're earning a two percent Return on college basketball every day That's 60 a month so your bankroll can Grow pretty quickly Um and it's just like a dedication Placing a lot of bets a consistency to Beating the sports books you're gonna Lose a few bets in a row there's a coin That's 53 to land on heads still going To show up on Tails four times in a row Sometimes right so you got to stick with It you got to place a lot of bets Um anyways any questions you have don't Hesitate to reach out let's make money

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