Week 15 NFL Picks and Best Bets | BettingPros Podcast

Week 15 NFL Picks and Best Bets | BettingPros Podcast

Online Casinos – How to Beat the House Advantage

In every game of chance in a casino the odds are in the house or casinos favor. That’s why it is called gambling. The more you play the more those negative odds are going to eat into your bankroll. But there is hope in the short run. By playing shorts sessions and following some strict rules you can lean those odds more to your favor.

Live Poker Tournaments – Plan Ahead to Ensure Success

While online poker and live poker have much in common, their differences are something all poker players should be aware of. In this article I talk about the simple adjustments players should make to prepare themselves properly for the live tournament experience.

What is Poker Tracking Software?

In online poker, out of the millions of players online at peak times, only a very small percentage of players in the actually make profit. Specifically, this number is set at around 5%. In addition, the next 10% manage to break even and the following 85% of online poker players lose money.

Time to Bet With Bookie Buster

Regardless whether it is soccer, basketball, hockey, boxing, and more; betting with the Bookie Buster is a surefire way to win. As good as the product can get, the man behind this work who is Frank Beranger is a living proof of how you can make money out of this guide.

Do Betting Tips Systems Help You to Win?

Many people use betting tips systems to give them better chances at winning. Some people do very well with these and others don’t find them helpful at all. Whether you use such systems or not, you might be wondering if they really can help you win.

MLB Predictions – Mind-Blowing Accuracy

One of the hardest bets to get right consistently is a bet based on MLB predictions. MLB, or Major League Baseball, is notoriously difficult to bet on and win on consistently. There has been a program developed that has only recently come on to the market that eases the pain for many when it comes to solid MLB predictions.

Getting to Know the Role of Bookmakers

If you are interested in horse racing or you may have even been to the track, then you possibly know a bit about the guy who will take your money when you place a bet. These characters are called Bookmakers. Now, Bookmakers have a bit of a sordid reputation as being a bit shifty and untrustworthy.

Loose Holdem – 5 More Marvelous Loose Aggressive No Limit Holdem Tips

These marvelous loose aggressive no limit holdem tips are sure to provide some clear actions to increase your winnings at Holdem. Read more…

Aggressive Poker Strategy – How to Do it the Right Way in 10 Easy Steps

If you want to learn how to implement an aggressive poker strategy easily – and one that works too – breeze through this article right now. Read more…

Using the Squeeze Play in No Limit Hold Em Poker

The squeeze play is an essential part of any poker player’s arsenal. Learn how to use the play more effectively in this brief guide to employing the squeeze play in no limit hold em games.

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