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In this sports betting tutorial Boyd covers what the term “no vig” odds means in order to help sports bettors learn how to profit using OddsJam. The word “vig” is the percent, or amount of profit that a sportsbook has on a bet. The percentage amount is charged to various degrees by all books on all bets. The “vig” or vigorish or juice is best when it is at its lowest level for the sports bettor.

OddsJam is a betting tool that shows the bettor where the best pricing and vig is for all markets. OddsJam is a data driven, sports betting tool that will help sports bettors make better decisions in order to profit, and avoid the pitfalls that most sports bettors make. OddsJam teaches sports bettors the terminology and data that is impactful in making consistent profits.

When a sports bettor can achieve the level of “no vig” or even better, a positive expected value over time is identified. OddsJam helps sports bettors identify the best bets, making it a huge time saver and a profitable endeavor.

Boyd compares the vig to anything that you buy, in that there is a profit margin charged and at the end of the day, after that is extracted, you are left with the product. Finding “no vig” bets is helpful to avoid overpaying.

Boyd encourages all newcomers to OddsJam to use the free 7 day trial and get educated on how profitable and easy sports betting can be.

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Sports betting brother and hey bring it Up and thanks for stopping by my name is My name is Boyd I'm a sports betting Market analyst with oddsjam.com we teach You how to bet like a sharp and uh today We're talking about the question of what Are no big odds and uh that comes up Quite a bit you see that quite a bit uh The term novig we're going to talk about What that is and how it applies to you To be profitable making Sports bets Let's get going okay guys we're going to Talk about what are the novig odds and I'll show you how to calculate those a Little bit later but first what is The Vic the biggest simply the commission The big is the amount of profit margin That the sports books charge to make Money so a lot of times you'll see this Obviously in the odds so a good example Be a college football game you might Have uh one particular team team a at Minus 180 on the money line And then you might have the underdog in A plus 155 so in those cases a person Have to wager 180 to uh to win 100 on The on the favorite and they could risk 100 to 155 on the on the underdog now That is the the full price of the Offering if you take away The Vig or Take away the commission so to speak That would be the fair odd so when you Extract or subtract the the commission Piece the percentage Edge the house Edge

The vigorish uh you would be left with The fair odds the no big price that's Really what you're looking for is to Understand that and then in the meantime You're able to find some good value by Understanding what the true odds are on Oddsjam that's what osm does it's a Betting tool that helps you find very Very valuable bets and have a positive Expected value on these so we're going To show you how to subtract or extract Take away The Vig take away the juice And see what you're left with as far as The novix scenario I do have one quick Scenario before we get to the Calculators I want to show you I think When people look in terms of Money dollars things you're familiar With houses I've got an example I'm Going to show you kind of break it down One step further before we get into the Calculations at oddsgym all right guys Here we have a real life example of a Five million dollar home in Scottsdale Arizona and you can see here there's a Price of five million dollars in this House the commish The Vig is four Percent so at the end of the day the Sellers will net 4.8 million and that's What it's like that's what it's like in The betting world so you're trying to Find the lowest Vig to Come Away with The the no Vig all the way down to zero If at all possible but this is how you

Can imagine it's on everything right It's phones cars uh meals anything and Everything there's a profit margin There's a vig there's an edge and so by Getting down to that no big price we'll Uh you know have a little bit more Profitable system here we go into this Next scenario the novig right this is Where you're paying 4.8 so you're Actually paying Two hundred thousand dollars less and You're getting exactly what you wanted In the previous scenario where you paid Five million to pay the the big or the The uh the edge of the commission on That so you can see here when you take It down to a no Vig odds the true value Of this is 4.8 million now We'll talk more in other videos about The uh having a positive EV or a Positive Edge that'd be a scenario maybe You got this house for 4.5 4.4 see where I'm going but anyway back to the Nova Gods let's get over the calculator at Oddsjam take a look at that and show you How to extract this information to help You make more money all right guys Couple more things here with the no Vig Odd so here's the no big odds calculator And this calculator helps you in the Drop down tools here Um kind of figure out some some details Relative to the novig pricing and so Let's say for example we have a game

Let's change the price here Um let's say we're gonna go down to Actually let's go to Let's go to minus 130. Okay And let's change this to uh plus 120 Actually Plus 115. What this is doing after extracting the No vague odds your your true odds your Fair odds are minus 121. so if you Looking for a wager searching for Wagers At minus 121 or under then you're Getting a positive expected value Because you're you're under that no big Odd scenario so but basically you are Paying the minus 130 And here's your your probability as it's Calculated and lots of times you know You'll have the probability calculated With the odds as they are so when you Have the the odds the no big odds it's Going to be a recalculation and a reset Of that probability percentage okay so Over here it's plus 115 you got about a 45.14 chance and again the odds you Should see are plus 121. all of a sudden If you see a plus 130 wow that's looking A little bit better plus 131 plus 135 Right so the goal is to be under the no Big odds for a positive expected value But truly the no big just means you're Extracting and uh taking the commission Or the edge out of the book hopefully That's very helpful okay guys one other

Thing I did here is I went to the uh MBA Tab just pull up a random game and I Want to show you over here to the right Hand side you have show no Vig odds and Show sports book big so this is kind of A nice tool to use something that really Helps you extrapolate more information And more data you can see here you have The Um The Vig you know you have the odds And so you can take this down Um both both directions you can show the No big odds And you can Change that again you can show that the Sportsbook Vig so obviously you're Looking for the lowest possible number Interestingly enough there's the odds Jam Pinnacle line the oxygen perfect Line so certainly the higher the number The higher the spread the higher the Percentage that's not necessarily a good Thing for you Um but you're looking to to use this Information to your advantage and so as You scroll through here you can sort of See where the markets are set and you're Trying to be as close to zero and Certainly under those For through the best possible situation For your betting and so again you can Use this over here to the right to turn This information on if you want to see That data kind of see what the markets

Are doing across the board so hope That's also more information to help you Discover price discover where you want To be discover where you don't want to Be and what is a good value and go from There so again having all this on ready To go is really simple to do you got the Uh the uh the calculators here the Positive expected value tools here all Of it to help you get the lowest Possible Vig again the best price on the Uh on the asset or product you're buying And uh as an investor that's what you're Trying to do all the time Okay guys there you go there's the uh The details on novig what is novig how To calculate it how to use the tools at Oddsjam and of course vig's just the uh The the commission the the charge amount The profit amount they're trying to put Onto and then stack on top of uh that Wager so certainly the lower you find The better the value that asset is and Of course you always want to consider And mix in that price to make sure the Price is kind of matching up uh make Sure it all balances out but if you have Any questions leave them down below also Want to make sure you get invited to the Free seven-day trial if you haven't used Dodge Jam there's a free link below to Use for seven days to drive that Ferrari To get to know all the bells and Whistles and all the positive expected

Value mathematically profitable data to Use so get after it and as always thanks For stopping by let's go make some Mathematical money

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