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Are you ready to PARTY? World Cup Bet has your betting needs covered! In this video, we’ll give you all the information you need to make the best World Cup predictions and picks.

We’ve got everything you need to make some easy money on the world’s biggest sporting event. From World Cup predictions to Soccer odds and betting advice, we’ve got you covered! So put on your party clothes, gather your friends, and get ready to PARTY!

What's up Sports betters Alex here and We are looking at the World Cup so lines Are on the move lines rip around in the World Cup as games are going on and you See how teams perform you'll see lines Start to move for the upcoming games for Spain and Costa Rica and I'm going to Take you through an example of the super Good bet I was able to just lock in okay So again we're day trading Sports we're Looking for Value I didn't come into Today saying I want to bet on Spain Germany but today I'm betting on Spain Germany so let's go ahead and we can Check out the odds for this game it's on November 27th and as I always say you Know Um you want to use all this information In the market to make the Best Bets Possible you don't need a bet on every Game you know there's millions of odds Updating in real time every second on Odds jam and it's free to browse odds For any game right for any sport for any League millions of odds updating in real Time the whole point is to give you your Own little Bloomberg terminal where you Can search around and hunt for value In the core of sports betting is line Shopping you have to get the best odds You know if you're placing bets at plus 205 or plus 210 on Germany money line When there's another bookie in your Location giving you plus 225 you're

Screwed you're never going to make money Because you're getting ripped off as a Sharp sportsbetter you're a day trader You're an investor you're looking for Value this Market is dynamic it's always Moving and if you're getting ripped off Constantly you're never going to make Money sports betting I mean come on it's Intuitive so Spain best price you can Get is plus 140 on Hard Rock and Whatever you want to bet on always find Value So where I ended up betting is in the Asian handicap okay so I ended up taking Spain Asian handicap minus half at plus 150 on Caesars so why do we like it Right I used all the data on the market To determine that this play is worth Betting it beats the vague there's not a Lot of plays out there that beat The Vig I mean you can see above a one percent Profit margin There's only one play but it's really Good four percent profit margin in four Days The stock market returns eight percent a Year we're getting four percent in four Days think about it that's why sharp Betting Right is so powerful Even if you had a two percent Edge let's Say in the NBA If you're placing bets every day of the

NBA and you're earning two percent Return you can think about what that Adds up to over the course of a season So here you know we are not smarter There I don't even want to guess how Much money is BET on the World Cup it is Tens of millions of dollars hundreds of Millions of dollars especially on big Games like this and what you're going to Notice is all of these Sports books they Set lines independently so we treat them All as like data points of where the Line should be set and we look for these Massive discrepancies Right out of all the odds on Caesars you Can see I slammed this play for 2.5 k Ane minus half again it's like out of The you know You know hundreds of thousands I don't Know tens of thousands of odds on Teasers I'm not sure if you considered Every sport all their different markets All their player props all their Alternate lines there probably are Hundreds of thousands of things you can Bet on Caesar Sportsbook we don't need a Bet on every game right these markets Are constantly moving we're looking for Those fewer batting opportunities where Sports books are screwing up big enough That we can beat the big beat the juice And have a positive EV play and this is What I ended up going with Right clear value

So you know we can literally go through Every Sportsbook if we wanted to we Don't have to but if we went to a Nova Gods calculator all this calculator does Is it removes the juice this is the most Important calculator on odd scam so I'd Recommend reading it so you can see Wind Creek has this plus 120 on Spain minus Half then they have minus 167 on the Other side Germany plus half so the no Vague line is plus 137 we're getting Plus 150. Right so we're beating the no vague line From Wind Creek Right with The Vig removed they're Saying Spain minus half should be plus 137 so their model with The Vig removed This pricing Spain minus half at plus 137 we're getting plus 150. you're Always getting value to the Novae Gods Right it's like if you knew a stock was Worth twenty dollars and someone was Letting you buy it for 15. Wind Creek is Saying the stock is worth fifteen Dollars Or twenty dollars and we can buy it for 15. Right So that's the same thing with no vague Odds one Creek is saying this should be Priced at plus 137 that's the true odds The fair odds with The Vig removed we're Getting plus 150. now you can see a Bunch of sports books are plus 118 minus

143. they're all copying each other it Seems like so the fair line is plus 128 And it's an Arbitrage bet you could hit Both sides make rust free money so here The noveg line is plus 128. once again We're beating it so even though all These buckies have different odds you Know we can essentially we have super High confidence as well that this play Is really profitable So again I said I'll be giving out some Plays on Twitter as well as well as Writing more on the oddsjam blog so I've Written a bit about you know confidence And sports betting stuff like this and We have what I mean by confidence is Like we have so many data points and They're all telling us the same thing That this play is incredible incredible Right the bat Fair exchange super Efficient betting Market So absolutely a play you want to lock in Super high profit margin super confident In the value in it Um and again track your bets no plays a Lock you know keep that word out of your Vocabulary and um What we can do is I'm going to switch my State back to where I'm currently Located I typically you know you want to See as much data as possible even if Sports books aren't in your state you Still want to see their odds right so You can you know shift around you can

Add in all the sports books you want Whatever our Jam is very customizable And let's make money

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