World Cup Parlays: Three Sharp Bets to Make You Money!

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In this video, I’m going to teach you how to make three sharp bets on the world cup. by doing this, you’ll have a chance at making a lot of money!

Whether you’re a casual soccer fan or a hardcore gambler, this video will teach you everything you need to know about world cup betting. I’ll discuss the best bets available and give you tips on how to make the most of your odds. By the end of this video, you’ll be ready to bet on the world cup like a pro!

What's up Sports betters I say this all The time but the market is very Dynamic Right you have hundreds of sports books All setting lines independently and you Never know when the best bets are going To occur so I was able to find a bunch Of good World Cup plays and again as I Always say you know browsing odds on Odds Jam for any sport you want to look At is completely free Right and the reason it's free is Because line shopping is the core of Sports betting here we can see Australia Versus Tunisia and you can see hey Tunisia best offered at plus 116 on the BET Fair Exchange You know Australia best offered at plus 289 on Pinnacle And the whole point and why this is so Important is if you're placing bets at You know plus 260 on BET MGM On Australia money line when there's Other buckies offering plus 289 Even if Pinnacle isn't in your location It's another data point it's another Market another betting Market offering Plus 289 You're getting ripped off if you're Placing your bet at Plus 260. And if you're getting ripped off then You're never gonna make money as a Sports bidder it should be intuitive Right but you're always looking for Value so the way that sportsbooks make

Money is right they charge the vague They charge the juice and your job is to Beat that so I say this too but like you Can imagine if you add all these Different sports books all telling you a Different price for Bitcoin and let's Say like you know here it's the cheapest That's where you'd want to buy it and Then you can imagine that that MGM is Offering the worst price you wouldn't Want to buy Bitcoin On that exchange right it's pretty Simple Concepts but anyways let's go Ahead and let's get into my plays so I Say this all the time too but it really Annoys me when people say you can't find You know profitable parlays so some of The plays I give out on Twitter my Twitter's in the description Um when I don't have time to make a YouTube video or you know I'm betting Mobily like from the go on a train or Something I'll give out a lot of plays On Twitter and I'll also be writing more So feel free to check it out there Trying to get out good plays in as many Ways as possible But is when you place a parlay Like the math isn't that complicated you Know if all legs in your parlay are Profitable your parlay will be Profitable If only one leg is profitable And the other one isn't then it's not

Completely sure you know then I'm not Completely sure we'd have to work out The math to see if you're parallel is Profitable but typically recreational Betters Usually both of their bets are negative EV not profitable so they're parlay Isn't profitable so what we want to find When we're placing a parlay a World Cup Parlay so here I'm just filtering for The World Cup we want all our picks to Be positive EV So the first play I went with is on Caesar's Morocco Canada first half total Goals over half of goal this I already Bet on FanDuel I gave it out on Twitter Um so now I'm focused on parlays why do We like this play Morocco Canada first Half total goals over half do I know Anything about either of these soccer Teams now Do I know any players on the teams now Take the sports out of it the sports Don't matter the data matters the math Matters you're not outsmarting the Sports books all these bookmakers have Invested hundreds of millions of dollars Into their you know trading risk Management line setting capabilities the Way you beat sportsbooks is you use Their odds to outsmart each other and What you're going to notice here is wow Caesars is giving us the over half of a First half total goal at -180 no other

Bucky's better than minus 215. Right that MGM minus 250 Pinnacle Sharpest buckmaker in the world minus 238 So we have all these data points DraftKings minus 240. in every Sportsbook sets lines independently Because they want to be unique so we Have all these data points telling us Where they think the line should be set And it becomes pretty clear that yeah This is a play we want to be on at -180 So I hit it Looks incredible right And that's the first play I'm on So again we're hunting for Value sports Betting is not that complicated find Value enough to beat the vague lock in The play and you're on your way to Profits here's the next one we're Getting minus 200 Argentina Poland first Half total goals over half of a total Goal just taking the play in bold with a Circle around it parlay them together You have a mathematically profitable Parlay with an edge And I know like a lot of people are like What do you mean mathematically Profitable Your best won't always win I'm not Saying this parlays a lock Locke is not a word you should use you Know no bet it's gambling no bets Guaranteed to win but win your plays

Have an edge you make money in the long Run Right so you manage your bankroll you Place an appropriate amount of money not All your money on one bet and you're Gonna make money it's kind of like if You had a coin that was 53 percent shop On heads 47 tails If you flipped it once You'd obviously want to be on the head Side you wouldn't put all your money on Heads but if you flipped it a million Times the coin is almost statistically Guaranteed to shop on heads more often So you're gonna win in the long run as a Positive EV better and not every day is A winning day Um but again you'll win in the long run So Um we can continue to go through and Again oddsjam now integrates with some Sports books not all of them uh via a Company called sharp Sports Which lets you you know essentially It'll pull your bets from the sports Books automatically and grade them as Wins or losses not required of course But it's kind of cool to see and just See your profit and loss right like the Core of sports betting is one line Shopping getting the best line and two Analyzing your results over a large Large sample size Thousands and thousands of bets right

Who cares if you won five bets in a row That's not statistically significant Have you won 5 000 bets have you been Winning money that's what matters so This is the second play I went with Clear value in the odds definitely a Play we want to be on then here's the Final play Once again First half total goals pretty crazy and I'm pretty tired as you can tell but hey I found some value so I thought I'd make A video I'd hit it and I'd share it with You guys and I locked it in you can see It right here 500 bucks plus 289 odds I'll be adding it to my sheet where I'm Tracking profit and loss it's in the Description and let's make money

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